My pizza fan daughter and I both gave them a solid 9 out of 10. | Vicki McLeod


Yesterday I told you about a juice cleanse that I am going to do next week. Literally four hours after writing that article I was in the presence of possibly the world’s greatest pizza because, you know, balance. In a bid to bring Majorca’s best things to you I took one for the team and went to the Galilea Trattoria and Lounge to finally get my chops around some of their thin and crispy dough.

If you are a visitor or a resident of Majorca you probably won’t be stumbling across this place unless you are a cyclist, touring around the island in your car or you are on a mission. But you have to make a point of going because it is tucked away on the road through Galilea on the beautifully twisty, mountain filled route between Puigpunyent and Es Capdella. I had heard many stories about the spectacular pizzas on offer at this little restaurant but in the fifteen-ish years I have lived in Majorca, I’d not made the effort personally to go to check them out. But, out on manoeuvres, my daughter and I had cause to be in the Tramuntana area so there finally was the opportunity to call in and sample these pizzas of legend.

As we arrived I wondered if perhaps they weren’t open, but no, a gardener told me, they were open and to go up to the terrace. The gardens are lovely, and I should have congratulated this gentleman when five minutes later he reemerged as the waiter! “You’ve come for the pizzas?” he asked. I almost said no because I hate to be predictable, but my gluttony overcame me. At the moment if you want to see a menu you have to have it on your phone and for some reason they sent it to me by WhatsApp, so now I have it as a souvenir. The various pizzas on offer were original and exciting, but Gigi and I both went for veggie options. She had fresh tomato, basil and mozzarella, and I had aubergine and goat cheese. Vegetarian options for sure, but definitely not diet ones!

As we sat and waited for our lunch to be prepared we relaxed on the pretty terrace and enjoyed the views. We were their only customers (it was 15.00 so perhaps we had missed the lunch crowd) and it was quite blissful to gaze out looking at the countryside. The pizzas didn’t take long to arrive, and they lived up to their reputation. They were huge, hanging over the sides of the 35 cm wide plates (I measured them, I’m a geek and have a ruler in my rucksack) and crispy on the edges, lusciously cheesy, and I am not embarrassed to admit, gone in minutes.

My pizza fan daughter and I both gave them a solid 9 out of 10. The Trattoria claims to have the best pizzas in Majorca, I have to say that I have not had better as of yet, but I’m always open to trying more places and more pizzas so watch this space. I see this as a service to the island community and any visitors to Majorca that I am happy to undertake more pizza reviews as and when the opportunity arises!

The pizzas start at 11.50€ and there are gluten free and wholemeal options if you need them. Galilea Trattoria is open every day from 10.00 to 23.00. WhatsApp (0034) 639 383 765 for the menu and directions.