A view looking down the Calvari steps. | Joan Bennàssar and Lola Olmo


Joan Bennàssar’s “Human Reasons” exhibition will be inaugurated in Pollensa today at 20.30. Having completed his trilogy dedicated to the Mediterranean Sea, these sculptures and paintings are indicative of a new theme by the artist. Prior to the trilogy, his exaltation of eroticism was presented in the series “The Splendour of Desire”.

With “Human Reasons”, the artist praises the values through which humanity has advanced in the face of adversities and now faces because of the profound post-confinement economic crisis. The exhibition comprises large concrete and iron sculptures with human forms. One part of the exhibition is on the steps of the Calvari, a place of spiritual symbolism and of great heritage value in a municipality with an abundance of architectural and cultural heritage.

There are more than thirty sculptures on the steps. They have their own title - “The Steps of Fatigue and the Grandeur of the Heart” - and are references to, among other virtues, dignity, honesty and effort. These are needed to achieve success in life and yet are often neglected; they are concepts for “living”, says the artist.

POLLENÇA. Exposició Raons Humanes de Joan Bennàssar. Fotos Lola Olmo

The second part, “The Forum of Public Businesses and Laws”, symbolises coexistence and is in another emblematic location, the Convent Church. These particular sculptures and paintings are about a recovery of harmony and collective pride in being open and receptive to what is necessary for the common good.

POLLENÇA. Exposició Raons Humanes de Joan Bennàssar. Fotos Lola Olmo

The exhibition has no end date, and the artist is currently working on a third part. Entitled “The Tower of the Garden of the Muses”, its location has yet to be revealed. This part will invite contemplation of economic reactivation and the restoration of values. Among the ‘raw material’ for this third part, Bennàssar will include images of his works taken by the public.
The works that comprise this new trilogy about human reasons will be exhibited for an indefinite period in the open air on the Calvari, meaning that people can visit at any time. In the Convent Church, the opening hours will be as they usually are for the exhibition room.