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MARE is a photography and video competition that invites the public to capture the beauty of the Balearic Sea and get involved in its conservation. It is a collaborative initiative promoted by organisations and institutions committed to marine conservation and nature photography.

Last Thursday July 9, MARE was launched at the Mhares Club (Majorca), at 07.30 a group of underwater photographers jumped into the waters of the Palma Marine Reserve to take the first images for MARE with a few speeches from the organisations that are behind it and interventions from Agustí Torres and Joan Sans, renowned underwater photographers. A launch in Ibiza and Menorca are planned on Tuesday 21th and 30th July respectively including the participation of NatGeo Explorer Manu San Felix and internationally awarded photographer Enric Gener who will share their experience.

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The 2020 call is now open. Professionals and amateurs can participate in MARE by taking pictures from the shore or below the surface of the sea. Photos and videos can be sent until October 31st. The registration form and the rules and guidelines are available on the website Participants can submit digital photographs taken in the Balearic Sea delimited by the 1,000 m depth line around the Balearic archipelago. There are two categories: Young (< 18 years) and Adult (> 18 years) and there is also an option to submit videos and photographic reports. These formats are not eligible for prizes, but they will be acknowledged and will be included in the public exhibitions.

The MARE presentation

Throughout the next months there will be complementary activities and workshops on underwater photography. At the end of 2020 MARE plans to organize several events and exhibitions with the best images and videos of the Balearic Sea. There will be exhibitions on all the islands and an award ceremony. Check all scheduled activities on MARE’s web site.

MARE is a collaborative initiative open to the participation of other entities and sponsors who want to shine light on the beauty of the Balearic Sea and work for its conservation. MARE has been hatched and launched by the Marilles Foundation, together with the Menorca Biosphere Reserve, Ibiza and Formentera Preservation Foundation, Mallorca Preservation Foundation, Menorca Preservation Fund, Iniciatives Mediterrànies and Foro Marino de Ibiza y Formentera.

To date, many organizations have joined MARE and contributed their knowledge and experience in the marine photo and video world, including AFONIB (Association of Nature Photographers of the Balearic Islands), Montphoto (International Nature and Mountain Photography Competition), and FBDAS (Balearic Federation of Underwater Activities). MARE also benefit from the collaboration of diving centres, photography professionals and other organisations committed to the Balearic Sea such as ACBIB (Association of Diving Centres of the Balearic Islands), Save the Med, Scuba Diving Ibiza, Vellmarí Association, Mar Balear Port Adriano, Albatros Diving, Tramuntana Diving and SKUALO Diving Centres.

The MARE presentation

It is thanks to their help that we have been able to get this far. But we are just at the start of a long journey and we will need loads of support to secure high levels of participation and to ensure the beauty of the Balearic Sea reaches a wide audience in the Balearics and beyond.

At a time of crisis it is important to remind ourselves that the prosperity of the Balearic well-being of its citizens is conditional on having a sea in an excellent state of conservation. MARE puts the focus on the natural wealth that lies beneath the waters of the Balearic Islands and inspires society’s action to protect it. The conservation of the sea and the coast of the islands is and must be a key pillar of the economic recovery of the Balearics.
Life under the sea is an ongoing show that not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy. Through the power of images MARE wants to bring the sea closer to people and create a connection that will help accelerate action for its conservation. MARE wants to show the sea as it has never been seen before, with all its splendour and beauty, but also to raise awareness about many of the challenges it faces. Let the show begin!