Garderingin Majorca is not only about planting and pruning, mowing the lawn and watering it, there is much more to it than that. There is the fun of enjoying the garden, using it to its fullest and what better than a sunny day in July with a picnic on the lawn.

So here I switch from gardening to ERSA. Some ESRA North members decided to revert to old habits, ‘a summer swim lunch’ For many years members have offered their garden space to enjoy outdoor events and no better than a garden this year to break out of lockdown and revert to these old habits.

Some members brought lovely picnic food to share with others. There were Cornish pasties and bacon and egg pie, salads and as desert a scrumptious raspberry cheese cake. Gallons of ice cold drinks were kept in cool boxes in the shade of a weeping willow tree which turned the whole lunch time into a lovely garden buffet, but that wasn’t all, there was a surprise to come that nobody had any idea about.

Two of our longest standing North members Shirley and Trevor Reeves let it out that they were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary that very same day so how could anyone let that pass without raising a glass to cheer them on and celebrate with them.

There were a few newer ESRA members who had never seen us all really at ourbest when enjoying ourselves and even just a couple of non members joining in for the first time. One can really say ‘ a good time was had by all’ and all because of a little bit of green lawn and a nice shady weeping willow tree, it really was worth all that gardening to get it ready for such an event and for further outdoor meals that were asked for to be held during these summer months.