Things can get a little tricky at the typewriter when there is absolutely no inspiration to be seen anywhere. Not even hiding under the rug. No ideas at all, just deadline pressure. I know exactly what I’m going to write about next week because car events present an obvious subject. More on that a bit later. But what about a week in which not a lot happens? Or even if it did happen, somehow passed me by. That’s exactly where I am now. I guess I could talk about the heat, it’s definitely on at the moment.

There’s nothing quite like a Mercedes SL with the top down.

Chevy pickup is a rather welcome and imposing newcomer to the meeting.

Strangely enough, whilst continuously hot here during the summer, there are distinctly hotter or cooler spells. You would imagine they would be lost in the general heat which continues day after day. Yet we detect temperature changes of just a few degrees. And humidity fluctuations, that varies a great deal too. Humidity is the more obvious, that sticky shirt feeling when you get out of the car. Or if you play tennis, the racquet grip turns into a sponge and absorb moisture. Makes it tricky to hold. I’ve resorted to swapping with my spare racquet every few games to let the other grip dry.

Late Porsche 911 derivative enjoying the evening light.

Gleaming Porsche Boxster obviously had a good polish recently.

Other than the heat, it’s a rather weirdly pleasant summer so far. Very quiet, great for those who don’t depend on tourism and travel, but a huge disaster for those who do. Everybody is trying very hard to avoid talking about ‘you know what’ and we can escape from it for whole minutes of conversation. Especially if we manage to steer the conversation to something fascinating about the grubby bits on cars. So last week at the weekly car meeting, the Cadillac developed a split in the power steering fluid return hose. Exciting stuff. Luckily the pipe is under no pressure to speak of so could be fixed with a spares repair kit. Worked well and could stay like that, although always nice to have the correct parts on the car. In this case immaculate and very original. Shall I continue with more grubby bits?

Citroen 2CV using flower power is packed and ready to go.

Mini Moke is everyone’s favourite fun summer car.

The other exciting news from last week was that the automatic car park entry and exit barriers packed up. Fortunately both on the way in and out. So no need for our two hours free parking tokens kindly supplied by the Nova del Mar bar. Save those for this week please. I did say it It was a rather uninspiring week and even prosaic news can be fun. Either that or I’m much more boring than we all thought.
Anyway next week we hope to bring you coverage of the annual Russell Stevens Memorial show, drive and dinner. See you then. Stay safe.

Chevy truck interior shows off the best of ‘70s dashboards, aircon included.

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