Ready to sail. | Rachel Fox

To have a daily diary since Lockdown began on March 16th is rare. Many bloggers did their bit for a while and then when restrictions eased the urgency went out of the story. Not so, here in my sollerweb world, we are still going strong. On a daily basis, we tell the stories of our world with a letter to all our sollerweb friends. 140 days now and the following grows.

What readers want to hear are the small stories and how they all fit into the larger picture. We have quotes from government leaders and we also give time to the Humans of Majorca who have been so affected. The daily tales of people desperate to make that journey to see one another here are heart-breaking. A little window of opportunity has now closed to those who are reluctant to travel against FCO advice.

The Sunday beaches were full and life almost looked normal for August but few UK voices to be heard. French is the dominant Soller language right now and comes from the many who have second homes here. This week should bring some definitive news on the possibility of an air corridor to the Balearics. It’s going to take most of August to sort this out now that flights have moved on to Greece and Bulgaria. Everyone has their own version of the Majorca world as it is today. No- one could have written the script for what we are all experiencing.

August is the time for holidays and many local businesses close or work shorter hours. The weather is the good reason for this as its impossible to do certain types of work in 40 degree heat. The moaners in our midst say that after all the time of Lockdown, holidays should be cancelled for this year. Words are so cheap and the unfairness of the requests ring out for those who try to work in the heat of the sun. We watched last week in Soller when the road painters were doing their bit in the most boiling of conditions. It must have been against all health and safety rules.

I watched as the sea was being taken over by unicorns. The amnesty pile of unicorns was set by the sea wall. As children went home from their holidays they left their unicorn rubber rings so that this week’s children could enjoy them. All well and good but the arrival of the Llama put pay to that. Now we have a battle royal between unicorns and llamas all thanks to a new shop in Puerto Soller. I am trying to second guess what the next animal will be or maybe after the Unicorn and Llama wars they will revert back to the magical Unicorn.

The reality checks of August are salutary as the Soller train and tram have not offered their normal summer service. This is of particular concern to those who depended on the Tram to take them to the Port in the evening and bring them back late.. The ‘Nit Tram’ service was popular with locals and visitors. This year no ‘Nit Tram’ as it is not commercially viable for the Ferrocarril. Four trains to Palma a day is the slashed service offered by the Trains. The lack of visitors from the train have been keenly felt by Soller shops and businesses.

Masks are our story of the week and there are those in Soller experimenting with fabrics and designs. To wear a mask is law, few are disobeying. What we are all looking for is the definitive mask which still allows us to breathe and not expire in really hot weather. Silk was once a fabric made in Soller, we still have the mulberry trees in some streets to prove it. Researchers found that when used for face protection silk is the most effective at preventing the penetration of water droplets. Silk masks or silk lined, cotton masks are where the energy is being concentrated on. We can buy silk masks in Soller right now for about 10 euros a mask. This is what many are going to try now that the word is out especially as they are washable. This will be much cheaper than buying a months supply of basic masks. Masks are another lesson in reality in this August of 2020.