What an amazing swimming pond this is with Margaux Mango Yogini. | Caroline Fuller


A Great Gardening Year!

For many of us 2020 meant a time of enforced time at home and the gardeners among us used it as an opportuniy to spend time tweaking, growing and pruning. We made chutneys, jams and all sorts of things we may not normally get the time to enjoy.

Purple cauliflowerFor some of you gardening was a new thing, a revelation in all things nature and for others a feeling that if we didn’t grow something to eat ourselves, we may not have anything. Fortunately it hasn’t come to that and mostly we grew for enjoyment!

Michael Dellar introduced us to AquaponicsThe Mallorca Gardeners group (fb) has been busy growing, cooking and swapping all manner of produce and making friends along the way. I have visited some wonderful gardens while writing this column and pictured are just a few of the things I have seen along the journey.

Leon McCance talked about nature in his gardenWe gardeners have learned new ways of doing things, fought the good fight against snails, slugs and aphids and we are still reaping the rewards of harvests so I count it as a win!!

Luffa's did well this yearFeatured have been aquaponics, permaculture, balcony gardens, mini gardens, veg, flowers, nature, wonderful ponds and art!

We learned alot about growing peanuts with Ann Mahy

I am always looking to share new stories about gardens so if you have something you are proud of, let me know.

Claudia Kruppel shared succulent gardens with usBut what about if you are tearing your hair out with frustration because your garden just won’t grow, let’s write about that together and see if someone can help!

Next weeks column will feature another new gardener which may just give inspiration to anyone thinking to start a garden.


To finish my 2020 garden visits I caught up with Heather and Joe who had started their permaculture garden and Hugelkultur beds back in the summer.

Haybale tower of potatoes

The garden is looking really good now and they have added more straw bale beds and an inventive potato tower made from layers of compost and straw which looks impressive. Up the side of the tower are broad beans which are receiving support there.They say its definitely been the right way to start their garden and have been harvesting peas, salads, celery and other vegetables.

The sunflowers are still blooming in my garden

So Happy New Year everyone, lets hope 2021 is another great gardening year.