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WE can really wish each other A HAPPY NEW YEAR now that we can see 2021 written on the heading of the newspaper.

There is simply nothing else to add, that everybody else hasn’t already added. No matter what happens around us, the garden keeps on growing as does the surrounding countryside.

Here I want to mention a DVD that was made many years ago by the BBC Bristol studios called Wild Mallorca, there isn’t much about gardening but it takes a look at many of the rural and natural parts of the island and is well worth watching if it ever comes your way.

Having brought to mind this island in the wild it can easily start in your own garden, there are often corners that simply look after themselves, some we like and encourage and others we just hate because we can never see the end of the work they entail.

Weeds , well yes, what is a weed ? a plant in the wrong place is the easy answer.
One such has been mentioned in several articles this last few weeks and one reason is because at this time of year all the verges and even whole fields are full of the bright yellow flower of the Bermuda Buttercup otherwise known as Oxalis.

There are those who like to nibble at its stem for the flavour but when I find it in my lawn covering all other grass that is desperate for sunlight I just can’t get rid of it fast enough.

Unfortunately no matter how much root one seems to pull up there are still more seedlings coming up, and cutting off with the lawn mower just seems to strengthen their growth even more. I just wish it would stay in the fields and along the roadside.

It is wild mushroom time again, all around the foot of the Weeping Willow, popping out of the trunk from the cracks in the rough bark and along some of the just covered root system there are masses of wild mushrooms.
I use the term mushroom very loosely here because I really have no idea what family of edible fungi they belong to.

Daedaleopsis confragosa

I only know they are edible and enjoy them every time they pop up. If you find wild mushrooms in your garden, be sure they are edible before attempting to eat them.
And now to the Jonquils that are popping up all over the lawn, there is to be no more cutting the lawn with the mower for fear of cutting off all the new growth of yet another wild flower that grows so well here in the wild and can be encouraged to grow in the garden and just left to their own every year. They never need digging up or replanting every year.

Morning Glory can also be considered as a wild flowering climber to be found climbing up many a lamp post, up through trees and if you really want it in your own garden it will soon cover a pergola.

White Jonquils

Just be sure you really do want this climber in your garden because once you have it established, there will be no telling just how far it will grow up amongst your tree tops and bushes. I only know that the name is well suited with the glorious bright blue flowers that come out every day.

Rain, wind or sun never stops them or even seems to damage them in fact they seem to flourish more than ever all through the winter months.

There will be plenty of proper work to do in the garden but lets just enjoy all the feast days there are during this time of the year whether we are allowed to share it with others or not, just a few hours out in the garden on a sunny day are always there to enjoy.

Top Tips

-Make sure if you are going to eat a funghi you know for sure what it is.

-Make sure you want morning glory in your garden as it will soon cover a pergola.

-Jonquils will pop up all over the lawn and should be avoided with a lawnmower - they never need digging and moving.