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Plastic pollution is an issue that affects us all and at Save The Med we believe that everyone can be part of the solution! That’s why we invite all students aged 15 - 18 to participate in the Changemakers Project to help us reduce the use of single use plastic and get the chance to join the Save the Med expedition team in our quest to study and protect Mediterranean marine wildlife!

Save the Med invites students to be part of a positive wave of change in the world of marine regeneration. For 2021 the Changemakers Project, which has been running successfully since 2018, will consist of three main parts:

1. The Changemakers Project

We invite students from the Balearic Islands, aged 15 - 18, to form teams of 3 and develop ideas that can help reduce plastic consumption. By implementing their projects throughout the spring students raise awareness and help ignite a wave of change in their communities. In May they, submit their projects to Save the Med Foundation for evaluation and prepare to join the Changemakers exhibit!

2. The Changemakers Exhibit

An event where all teams can come together! All participants will get together to present their projects to the public and discuss solutions to plastic pollution. Students will have a chance to view each other’s projects, network, learn from each other, inspire and be inspired. There will be inspiring talks, workshops and fun activities for participants and visitors alike.

This event format is subject to change should COVID-19 restrictions be in place at the time of the event. Should any potential funders find project ideas that they deem impactful and feasible to invest in, they might offer the students unique possibilities to develop their projects further.

3. Changemakers At Sea

Five teams that have presented the most impactful project ideas, evaluated by a panel of scientists and educators, will be announced during the Changemakers Exhibit. The teams behind the top two project will join the Save The Med team for an unforgettable marine science expedition each during the summer. For one week, students will help our scientists study marine life and human activities at sea, all the while gaining knowledge and skills to become true Ocean Ambassadors when they return.

Students in the Balearics

Another three teams will be rewarded with a one day expedition on the solar powered boat Stenella where they will conduct microplastic surveys, snorkel and engage in species identification activities together with Save The Med scientists and educators. In addition, the classes of the five teams will receive 500€ per class to invest in a joint environmental project, activity or excursion with their teacher.

Who can participate?

Students in the Balearic Islands aged 15*-18 can submit a project to Save the Med. (*Students can be 14 when participating but must turn 15 before the end of 2021). They must form a team of three and provide a teacher’s contact information at sign up.

The event, the Changemakers Exhibit is open to everyone: teachers, students, the school community and the general public. The specific format will be defined closer to date to ensure that all aspects of the event are adapted to potential sanitary restrictions.

What types of projects are we looking for?

The objective of you project will be to reduce the use of single-use plastic. We are looking for creative solutions and ideas based on the three most important Rs: REFUSE single use products, REDUCE overconsumption, REUSE and opt for reusable products and systems.

IMPORTANT: Projects focused on recycling or clean-ups will not be considered as they are not capable of solving the problem. Instead, we are looking for projects can help reduce the amount of plastic that is produced by companies and/or used by consumers in our everyday lives. This is the only long term solution to the crisis of plastic pollution.

How can this be done?

There are no limits to how students can develop and implement their ideas but we encourage all participants to consider the interest and talents of each team members, and think of creative ways to apply them to develop a fun, creative and inspiring project! Previous projects have included everything from producing music songs and videos to raise awareness, to developing video games, websites, campaigns and most importantly of all: projects that help others to eliminate single use plastic items from their everyday lives.

Students onboard

Such projects have included the elimination of single use plastic water bottles from schools, the replacement of single use plastic packaging for reusable tupperware for student lunches and much more. Students have successfully engaged their peers, younger children, their families, local companies and even town halls in their projects to expand their outreach. Several teams have been invited to company events to spread their initiative, nominated for other projects and national competitions, featured in the news and more!

How can students sign up?

Visit where you can sign up and download the Changemakers Leaflet with all the information you need about the project, participation, evaluation criteria, contact info and more! If you have any questions email to

Timeline for 2021:

  • Period to develop projects: January to April 2021
  • Deadline to submit projects: 3rd of May 2021
  • Changemakers Exhibit: May/June 2021 - exact date, place and format to be confirmed
  • Expeditions dates: Summer 2021 - exact dates to be confirmed with each team

Unforgettable experiences with the Changemakers of 2020

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing Changemaker students and teachers who overcame the challenges of 2020 and, despite the home confinement, kept working hard to fight plastic pollution! To see some of the highlight form their time at sea with us visit Save The Med Foundation’s YouTube channel.

Special thanks to Fundación Jesús Serra for funding the Changemakers Project in 2020 and 2021, and to Ocean Family Foundation, European Outdoor Conservation Association, OceanCare, La Caixa Bank via Fundación La Caixa and our Corporate Partners who all contribute to the co-funding of our education and awareness programmes.