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A veteran ship with a Mediterranean mission

The Toftevaag is also tracking illegal mesh nets, dubbed “walls of death”, in an unrelenting campaign against illegal fishing with drift nets.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter05/08/2022 12:38

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Balearic waters 5 degrees warmer than a year ago

The extreme heat in recent weeks has already sparked wildfires and led to thousands of heat-related deaths in Europe, but that warmth hasn't been limited to the land.

01/08/2022 09:10

Illes Malgrats. photo: @AdobeStock


Proposals to improve the El Toro and Els Malgrats marine reserves

Investing in more and better MPAs makes ecological and economic sense. So, what are we waiting for?

Marilles Foundation25/03/2022 11:25

Fundraising swim around Cabrera


Swimming for Cabrera

The group of athletes and friends plan to take on the swim challenge on July 31st.

Mallorca Open Swim01/07/2021 11:35



Save The Med offers free plastic reduction workshops to parents of school students!

The workshop aims to support parents of school students in their move towards a low impact lifestyle.

Save the Med Foundation22/01/2021 14:49

Changemakers at sea


Sign ups are open for the 2021 Changemakers Project!

Save the Med invites students to be part of a positive wave of change in the world of marine regeneration.

Save the Med Foundation08/01/2021 12:49

Dolphins in the Med


Local communities are the best protectors of Marine Protected Areas

Save the Med Foundation welcomes the fact that the new marine reserve of fishing interest has been declared.

Save the Med Foundation11/12/2020 13:15

Sa Dragonera FotoColab

Nautical Notes

Over 150 visitors at the opening of the ‘Dragonera Blava’ exhibition

The exhibition, which is open to the public until the end of November, is part of a new community leadership project named ‘Discover Your Marine Protected Area Sa Dragonera´.

Save the Med Foundation15/11/2019 09:57