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Whenever possible the children at Queen’s College go into the neighbouring forest to take learning outside. Physical activities help to develop children’s self esteem and the outdoors is the perfect place for science activities to flourish.

The Year 2 children have been making the most of the woodland next to the school to observe trees and flowering plants. They made detailed sketches that they then labelled and discussed the importance of each part of the plant. The children are always excited by outdoor “adventures” but never forget the school routines to make sure that everyone can share ideas and keep safe.

Queen's College forest adventure


The Reception children have been have been looking at the work of the artist Guiseppe Arcimboldo, who made portraits using fruit and vegetables. They investigated an unusual portrait of King Rudolf II of Austria in the 1590s created by the artist. The children had great fun putting together their own portraits in fruit and vegetables and framing these in a very royal manner!

Guiseppe Arcimboldo