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It may be an urban myth that the average 4 year old laughs 300 times a day compared to the average 40 year old at just 4 times a day but it does seem to ring true when spending time in the Early Years department at Mallorca International School. From the moment the children arrive the day starts with smiles, excitement and a feeling that school is an extension of home.

Once inside the classroom the children happily carry out their morning routines, get settled and ready for circle time. A sense of community is at the heart of the school and something that is instilled in children from the earliest age so being together as a whole class is an important part of the day. Next, children are able to choose where to spend their time whether inside the classroom or outside. Activities are set out for them to access along with extra provision that is selected independently throughout the day.

A four year olds power of imagination, magic and possibility are forces to be reckoned with. Everything in the environment is an opportunity and matched with a four year olds curiosity inanimate objects take on a life of their own. In the outdoor garden wooden blocks become a castle, simple pebbles take on special powers and a crumpled cardboard box becomes a boat to sail across the playground in. Hiding in the wigwam or creating a camp with friends; the ability to create their own worlds and characters for a four year old is limitless.

The Early Years Curriculum is based on the concept that play is fundamental to a child's development because this is how they experience and understand life. The fastest way to upset an Early Years Teacher is to remark that the children are simply playing all day! They will correct you very quickly saying that the classrooms are specifically designed to allow open-ended play which enables children to be creative, invent and explore. Naturally there are teacher led sessions where the foundations of phonics, maths and other subjects are built but these are taught in an engaging and interactive way.

EYFS Coordinator Zakia Hoque believes that “Early Childhood Learning should highlight the magic of children’s imagination, creativity and curiosity, and through play experiences allow them to develop as independent learners.

Daily mindfulness sessions help to maintain an environment that is calm and conducive to learning whilst teaching children at such a young age how to manage their emotions. The importance of physical movement for children's development is well researched and our four year olds are constantly on the move..or skip..or run! Dancing to music, taking part in Sports lessons and using the playground equipment; the suggested guidelines of three hours of physical activity a day for this age group is certainly exceeded!

Our staff are highly qualified to guide the children through their day - encouraging their independent play and language development (both in English and Spanish). Teachers are co-creators and work alongside the children to motivate, inspire and nurture each child individually.

Join us for a tour of the school with our Headteacher Mr Giles who will be delighted to show you our Early Years Department and introduce you to the amazing team. Visit our website at, email us at or call us directly on 0034 971 57 01 10.