Tourists on the Playa de Palma in Arenal. | S. AMENGUAL / JULIAN AGUIRRE / N

In today's Episode 6 of 10 from Series 1 To Kill A Stag, when a groom-to-be is found dead in the swimming pool of a luxury villa, Miranda and Max believe it's the work of a prostitute who stuns her clients and then robs them.

The opening sequence of this episode, which sees Miranda and Max walking down the strip is in S’Arenal, while the villa in which the stag party stays is located in the residential town of Sol de Mallorca, just south of Magalluf.

Max’s friend Christian picks up the mysterious Carino de la Noche in the famous Casino de Palma, which you can find in the exclusive area of Porto Pi, just to the south west of the