Organist Llorenç Barceló, Drummer, Dani Domínguez & Trumpeter, Pep Garau performing at the Alaró Jazz Festival. | F.P.

The Jazz Festival in Alaró was a great hit, not least because the last time there was a jazz concert in the town was when pianist Tete Montoliu played in the village church, on Patron Saint’s Day 37 years ago and fans were over the moon when he came back to give two performances this year.

Musician and drummer Enric Fuster convinced the council to support the festival and a new poster was produced for the event.

The first performance was by organist Llorenç Barceló, drummer Dani Domínguez and trumpeter Pep Garau, who's just released his first album as head of the sextet.

Their concert exceeded all expectations and included great songs, including some by Jimmy Smith, Thelonious Monk and Jerome Kern.

There were some tickets empty seats on opening day, but word got soon got around and day two sold out fast. Because of capacity limitations there were a few fans who didn’t manage to get tickets.

The Eva Fernández trio with Josep Munar on guitar and Enric Fuster on drums delighted fans with a range of original material and the treatment of the songs.

Two very different days with quality music that jazz fans hope will be the first of many.