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The Nit de Sant Joan #ResiduZero movement, initiated by Es Racó de ses Idees and Save the Med Foundation, invites you to the opening of the photographic exhibition “Els Plàstics Ocults” which translates to “Hidden Plastics.” The event will take place on Wednesday, June 23rd, starting 18.00 on the Portitxol promenade in Palma and include an artistic performance at 19.00 and at 20.00, live radio and more.

plastic rubbish left behind

The exhibition aims to help us detect and replace plastics that are hidden in common items that we use in our daily lives and of which we are often not even aware. Recognising and reducing these hidden plastics is a vital step for our health and for the regeneration of our Planet. Along with the exhibition, there will be stands to demonstrate alternative products to common household items that can help you make conscious choices.

Lately, the Midsummer Night, locally called Nit de Sant Joan, which is celebrated the 23 of June of each year, has become known as one of the most polluting events of the year, leaving beaches all around the country covered in plastic rubbish left behind by beach goers. Rubbish which easily makes it way to the sea where it harms wildlife through ingestion and entanglement.

In 2016, the Nit de Sant Joan #ResiduZero movement was ignited to change this by raising awareness and offering more responsible, yet as fun, ways to celebrate what once used to be a magical night. During these years, the involved entities have worked to organise events, workshops and activities during this special night to raise awareness among citizens, demonstrating that celebrations without single-use items are perfectly possible and necessary to prevent pollution and protect marine life.

The event will take place on Wednesday, June 23rd

This year, with the beaches closed on Midsummer Night, and the legislative change that has banned some of the most common single-use plastic items such as cutlery and straws the situation is slightly different. Yet, there is still much to do to move away from our throw away culture and plastic dependence.

For example, most of us are not even aware of the hidden plastic in a myriad of household products that we use daily. The exhibition Hidden Plastics aims to help us identify them and finally propose alternatives that are better for our own health and that of the Planet.
We welcome you to join us!

After the vernissage the 23rd of June at the Portitxol Promenade, the exhibition will be exposed in other places in Mallorca. Entities interested in hosting it can request it by sending an email to info@santjoanresiduzero.org.


  • Vernissage: Photographic Exhibition “Els Plastics Ocults” (The Hidden Plastics)
  • Stand with demonstration of alternative solutions
  • Performance at 19.00 and 20.00.
  • Live radio


  • WednesdayJune 23rd, starting 18.00


  • Portitxol promenade, Palma

More info

  • Website: http://santjoanresiduzero.org/
  • Facebook group: @NitDeSantJoanResiduzero
  • Facebook event: https://fb.me/e/3Erl28O2U