In water rescue training days in preparation for the new expedition season. | save the med

The expedition season has begun!
With a full boat refit done thanks to some amazing local companies and expert volunteers and our team having conducted their annual first aid and in water rescue training, we are all ready and excited for the 2021 expedition season!
We have a few spots open for our research expeditions this summer. Find out more and download the expedition leaflet from the expedition section on our website.

Discover Your MPA Sa Dragonera
In addition to organising awareness events, kayaking tours and marine custody initiatives for the protection of the Sa Dragonera Marine Protected Area (MPA), we have just about to launch a new website to make relevant information, knowledge and resources about the MPA easily available to all. Site visitors will be able to learn about the protection of the area and its biodiversity, see videos and images, stay up to date with local community events and join them! Stay tuned for more information!

Educational outdoor activities in the Sa Dragonera Marine Protected Area (MPA)

The Stellaris Project
Save The Med is working together with the Govern de les Illes Balears, Marilles Foundation, Palma Aquarium Foundation, Petites Illes del Mediterrani, Mallorca Preservation Fund, Centre de visitants del Parque Nacional de Cabrera and local fishermen on a new pilot project to called “Petits taurons. Acció Stellaris” (meaning Little sharks - Stellaris Action).

This new shark conservation project focuses on the nursehound (Scyliorhinus stellaris), a small shark species which is protected in the marine reserves of the Balearic Islands. The project aims to help the population to recover through the breeding of nursehound sharks in a controlled environment, in combination with an environmental education programme to educate about the ecological importance of sharks in the Balearic sea and involve the Balearic fishing sector in the conservation of the species. The long-term objective is to replicate the initiative to protect other threatened shark species.

Plastic Free Balearics
Together with our collaborators and with the support of Beyond Plastic Med - BeMed, we recently launched the Plastic Free Balearics certification pilot programme for businesses in the hospitality industry that want to reduce their use of single-use plastics.

The opening of the exhibition Hidden Plastics.

It’s completely free to sign-up to the pilot programme and participating businesses receive specialised toolkits to help them go plastic free. Visit for more information and sign ups.

Education and Awareness
As the school year comes to an end we would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated so far in the Dos Manos Schools Programme.
Despite the pandemic, more than 1600 students took part in the programme, either on site or virtually. 15 beach cleans were conducted, 9095 plastic objects removed and categorised and an increase in new types of pollution was observed, including face masks and single use bioplastics, which are all very harmful to wildlife.

Photographic Exhibition - “Hidden Plastics”
Together with Es Racó de ses Idees and as part of the The Nit de Sant Joan #ResiduZero movement, recently we organised the exhibition “Els plástics ocults” (Hidden Plastics) in Portitxol. Throughout the evening hundreds of visitors and neighbours saw the exhibition and performance, learned about hidden plastics and their alternatives and enjoyed some delicious pizza donated by A GoGo Pizzabar! Thank you to all the participants, the collaborators Viveco, Fundación Deixalles, Begudes Puig, and above all the awesome team that made it all possible - Es Racó de ses Idees!

Thank you all for being part of #GenerationSaveTheMed!