This summer I discovered Campos market. | PILAR PELLICER


I blame Bargain Hunt, the BBC TV daytime series for my affinity with local markets. I love nothing better than looking around one of Majorca´s fine markets in search of the ultimate bargain. I have looked long and hard and so far nothing but I am continuing with my search!

Over the years I have purchased what could be described as my fair share of junk! My latest star purchase has been a set of scales from a jewellery shop! Did I really need them? Well no but it was a fine purchase!

This summer I discovered Campos market. Before you say it, I know that many stall holders go around the island pitching up at the various markets but I have always found that each town ´s event is slightly different. There is always one stall or two that you won´t find anywhere else.

Another great market is the one on Pollensa on a Sunday.

One of my favourites is the Consell car boot sale. It has been a while since I last visited and I am not too sure how it has changed as a result of the Covid restrictions, but it was a dream for bargain hunters. Infact, I would say that you can find anything at Consell. My list of purchases has included an HMV gramophone and a writing slope (infact, I bought two!).

It is not actually buying the item which I enjoy. It is a question of how it will look after some TLC and ofcourse getting the right price. No easy job! The contestants on Bargain Hunt and all the other TV antiques programmes make things look so simple but it is not.

To be honest if I want an item I am more than willing to pay the asking price but getting a 10 euro discount is more satisfying and adds to the feeling that you´ve got a bargain. I spend hours looking through the items on stalls, some of which is junk but ofcourse you are always on the search for the hidden gem.

Sineu market is another favourite of mine. This is a real market, where you will find anything from antiques to livestock. After your bargain hunting you retire to one of the local bars or restaurants, enjoy a frito mallorquin (Sineu is home to the finest frito) and a beer or a glass of house red (which can be rather rustic but it somehow adds to the enjoyment!). Sineu market is usually very busy and you almost have to fight your way through the crowds ( well before Covid ofcourse).

Another great market is the one on Pollensa on a Sunday. Not too many antiques but plenty of local handicrafts and other items. I have always said that this rather makes Pollensa market stand out, you don´t find the usual old stalls and items. All in all great fun which adds to the enjoyment.