Artist Tamara Nielsen & Uco Bakery co-owner, Caterina Stanton. | Teresa Ayuga

Three years ago, Gustavo Alem learned to cook in the Uno Valley in Mendoza, Argentina and most importantly he discovered how to make sourdough bread, which was great news for girlfriend, Caterina Stanton who is gluten intolerant.

Uco Bakery, Palma.

This summer the couple opened the Uco Bakery in Carrer de Berenguer de Sant Joan in Palma, near Paseo Mallorca, which not only offers gastronomic and artisan products, Gustavo, it’s also a platform for Mallorcan artists.

"Art shouldn’t be confined to galleries, it should be part of everyday life," says Stanton.

Tamara Neilsen with one of her paintings.

The official opening of the first art exhibition at the Uco Bakery will held this Saturday at 21:00 with a dozen paintings by graphic designer, Tamara Nielsen, who was born in s’Arracó and is of Danish descent.

Caterina Stanton says she received more than 100 replies when she launched an Instagram appeal for artists to take part.

"Emerging artists keep sprouting up," she says.

A series of artists will be showcased at the Uco Bakery over the coming months, including Alejandro Javaloyas, Coconut Tam, Nadia Sousa and Marfil Reyes.