'Norwegian Epic' cruise ship in Palma. | Gabriel Alomar


The cruise ship, ’Norwegian Epic’ is back in business after a two-year stoppage because of the Covid-19 pandemic. She docked in Palma on Monday and will return every week until October 25.

‘Norwegian Epic’ is part of the Norwegian Cruise Line fleet and she begins a series of rotating trips this month with stopovers in Rome, Florence, Naples, Sardinia and Palma.

She was the 3rd biggest cruise ship in the world when she was built by STX shipyards in Saint Nazaire, France in 2010, weighs 155,873 tons and is 329 metres long.

There are 19 decks onboard 'Norwegian Epic' and she can accommodate 4,100 passengers, but on this trip capacity has been reduced to 2,127 because of the Covid restrictions.

Most of the ship's passengers are American, Spanish or British and there's a variety of services onboard for them to enjoy, including an ice bar, a climbing wall and a large water park.

'Norwegian Epic' & 'Harmony of the Seas' cruise ships in Palma.

‘Harmony of the Seas’ is one of the biggest cruise ships in the world and can accommodate 6,400 passengers, but because of Covid restrictions she only had 1,240 passengers onboard when she arrived in Palma on Monday.

'Harmony of the Seas' is part of Royal Caribbean’s Oasis Class and she will also visit Palma once a week between now and October 25.