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Mallorca as a safe destination

Dear Sir,

I read with interest your article about the message being loud and clear and holidaying in Mallorca.

The reason I was very interested is I’ve now been waiting for my wife’s Schengen visa for more than 4 weeks from the Spanish Embassy and we still have no sign of it.
I had a holiday booked for one of the Spanish Islands and I’ve now lost that as well as the money paid for it.

It seems that although you would like to attract more tourism, and I’d love to come, the Spanish government is not doing the necessary to make it happen. Note my wife has already had 5 Schengen visas before Brexit so clearly there isn’t an issue with her ability to get one.

I’d be interested to see how this is reflected in the attempt to boost tourism.
Kind regards,

Gary Craggs


Dear Sir,

For once I find myself agreeing with the Editor Jason Moore about the centre of Palma. Yes, it does look very nice now probably the best for 20 odd years. But the rest of Palma is a total disgrace probably the worst for 20 odd years.

The pavements in Son Armadams, Terreno, Plaza Gomilla, Cala Mayor, Pedro Garau even in Santa Catalina are an absolute disgrace to the city and a hazard to walk on.

Also the Via Cintura with the graffiti, the weeds and rubbish all along the road is the worst I have seen in all the years I have lived here.

What a horrible advert for anyone just arriving. To go from voted the best city in the world to live in, to one of the worst 3 in the world take some doing.

Michael Everett

Mask free and certificates

Dear Sir,

I write regarding your recent on line polls on the above topics.
It seems that roughly the voters are split. I do not know who votes on these things, are they actually based in Mallorca?, but based on local opinion it seems well out of line with what I have come across, where there are big majorities in favour of both mask free and no certificates.

In our seaside resort, masks in some shops I am pleased to say seem almost voluntary.

I also wonder about the mind set of people who still want to wear masks and have to produce documentation just to get a drink!!

After 18 months of restrictions on one’s life you would think they would be jumping with joy to get life back to normal. Are they sad, delusional, have no interest in personal freedom or just brainwashed. I have no idea.

I have no objection to people voluntarily wearing a mask if that is there wish, but to force people to when there is patently no reason for it now is absurd. As for certificates to get a drink, words fail me.

Yours faithfully,