DJ, Marc Oliver & Tourism & Economics student, Laura Mesquida modelling the Autumn Collecton. | Julián Aguirre


The fashion industry was utterly devastated by the Covid pandemic, but the textile industry is pulling itself together and pinning its hopes on the new Autumn Collections.

"Firms have opted for technical and ecological fabrics, for men and women and produced comfortable garments with elegant lines," says businessman Pedro Mesquida, whose clothes are made in Spain and sold in Xino's multi-brand stores.

Autumn officially begins at 21:21 on September 22, lasts for 89 days and 20 hours and ends on December 21 when winter arrives.

For Tourism & Economics student, Laura Mesquida and DJ, Marc Oliver it's an exciting time. They are both taking time off their day jobs to promote the new autumn fashion range. They don't have any previous experience in the world of fashion, but they’re thrilled to be first to try on the new collection.

Economics student, Laura Mesquida modelling the Autumn Collecton.

Autumn Collection

Laura shows off the comfort, elasticity and elegance of the new women's range which is perfect for Autumn, when the weather can be a little unpredictable.

Tourism & Economics student, Laura Mesquida & DJ, Marc Oliver modelling the Autumn Collecton.

Marc is modelling jeans and chinos, they're a wardrobe staple for men and look super cool with plain, striped or plaid shirts. Light coats are also a 'must have' for men and women this season.

"The sweaters and coats are not thick because it’s much warmer in Mallorca in autumn than it is on the mainland,” adds Mesquida.

If you want to stay on trend this autumn, opt for grey, stone, beige and ecru; trousers made with ecological fabrics, with or without elastic; long coats and mid-calf skirts.