You can buy classical Hansens ice cream. | KAYnBEE

This week I was invited to Puerto Andratx for a new shop opening KAYnBEE. Betina Prehn and Kim Sandby Jørgensen are both originally from Denmark and have a long history as entrepreneurs in food and beverage business in their home country.

Like most Scandinavians they have loved to travel for both business and pleasure, and many times ended up in Mediterranean countries where Greece was a huge favourite. Mallorca was always on the map, but it was not until the first visit at Santi Tauras restaurant, they decided that Mallorca was the next place they wanted to live in. Betina talks about that first special dinner like a religious experience “The bread tasted more than any bread I had tasted in the world, the olive oil looked and tasted like gold“ she says.

The couple had worked and lived together for more than 25 years up in the north before they decided to sell their extremely popular business, the show restaurant Piil & Co just north of Copenhagen and move down to Mallorca.

They are a lovely Danish couple and their enjoyment in life is something you notice very fast when you enter the new shop. “We do what we love - so we love what we do.” The modern building and the sleek decoration of the shop with grey walls, feels very correct and in time. “Our idea is that the product should be seen, not the decoration of the shop” say Betina. “No matter where we go, we try to be open-minded and only go for the best. For us everything is in the detail.”

Already at our first meet up earlier this year Betina and Kim had my attention, as they offered me to try an organic juice made of Rhubarb on the small island of Bornholm in Denmark.

Denmark is all about design, bikes, and organic food with a top-notch quality. I know it well. Kim and Betina started to import the rhubarb flavour and 5 other ecological made fruit juices from Bornholms Mosteri last year. I am a Rhubarb lover and sadly there has not been such thing here on the island before. Now you can find the 6 flavour juices for sale online or at Palma Breads locations, and Thomas Bakeshop. There are more selling points in the pipeline. Kim and Betina moved down to Mallorca just before the pandemic year, they had a plan to start a business in Palma but like so many others, things did not work out as the world closed. They have had huge challenges this past year, and the change of the advisor has been a positive gamechanger.

Kim who like a true Dane moves around in Mallorca on a bike just as much as in Denmark got hit by a car on the way to a business meeting in the beginning of the summer and got away with a big scare, bruises and a fractured shoulder. Finding the right place to start this pioneer business and getting all the permits for the new shop have been a nightmare from the start till now late September when it finally fell in to place.

I was presented the business pitch for The KAYnBEE shop some months ago and loved the idea of local design meet high-quality selection of delicious food and nonfood from both Mallorca and Denmark!

The mention of special events and popup store comes back during our conversation and it’s a very popular concept in Denmark. They do a popup shop every Friday and Saturday where they will offer Gilleleje Rye Bread which can be pre-ordered and ready to collect, or you buy a dry mixture so you can bake yourself at home. They will offer freshly baked croissants and delicious local sourdough Fridays and Saturday mornings from Thomas Bakeshop.

KAYnBEE also offers imported delicious BBQ sausages from a well-known butcher called Slagter Lampe DK, the juices I mentioned before from Bornholms Mosteri, typical remoulade sauce, and tasty chocolate truffles, organic coffee from Frellsen. The KAYnBEE shop is the only place outside Denmark where you can buy classical Hansens ice cream, some of the flavours are lactose free and others simply amazing, nothing like the Spanish or Italian ice cream. Kim admits they already have some of the best restaurants as clients.

We want to invite local artists and manufactures to come and present their work and designs, and our intentions is to help promoting and selling some of the most amazing handcrafts that we can find in Mallorca. ConAlma, A Dogs Life and ArtOfMallorca is just some of the local designer companys that you already can find in the Puerto Andratx shop & showroom…. and soon many more.

Sadly, Mallorca have until now not have a huge offer of Eco/Organic products nor have they been easy to find in Mallorca even though we have loads of locally produced food and drinks here. Denmark and the Danes have got the know-how of Eco/Organic products and the offer is brutal in Denmark compared to here. We are sure that in a couple of years more villages on the island will have their own KAYnBEE shop.

Carrer Rodriguez Acosta, 17 Puerto Andratx