Painting from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines. | Nit de l'Art Ses Salines


Ses Salines will celebrate its first Nit de l’Art on October 16 with the work of more than a hundred artists from the Arte Vision Collective and tons of entertainment.

Painting from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Dubbed Art in Sal, the event will kick off with live music from the Xeremíes band and a walk through town, then a choir will sing the hymn of Ses Salines at Les Escoles Velles, while historic images and emblematic photographs are displayed on a screen.

Sculpture from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Paintings and art exhibitions will be on show in Carrer Batle Andreu Burguera Mut, which will be closed to traffic from early morning while large installations are put up.

Poster for La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Laura Hedrosa and Katrin Starostenko will hold ecological workshops for children and their families at Les Escoles Velles from 16:00-18.30.

More than 20 works by Enrique Razkín in two scaffolding cubes and a sculpture by Anatole Neznamov will be on show in Plaza Mayor.

Painting from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Sixty plastic artists will exhibit their work at the Nit de l’Art, including Jordi Mollà, Enrique Fuentes, Ernesto Rodriguez, Jordi Poquet, Barbara Pons, Antonio Serón, Amelia García, Carmen Baltasar, Catalina Escales, CollBernat, David Dágaro, Irene Navarro , Jaume Espases, Jaume Mesquida, Laura Hedrosa, Lluís López, Ramón Llorente, Ricardo Sacco, Tòful Colom, Toni Coll, Beatriz Polo, Marina Cubillos, Miguel Àngel Salom Bonet, Xisco Fuster, Verónica Sabattini Piselli, Carol Adán, Sath, Africa Juan, Antoni Amat, Araceli Déniz, Catalina Sampol, Carmen Martí, Chicho Monserrat, Diego Conesa, Diego Arango, Dolors Martí, Enrique Razkin, Evita Medina, Fernando Mairata, Glitch Traveler, Hugo Soto Fraga, Isabel Jifer, Jesús Cánovas, Joan Llaneras, Joan Mariando, Joan Obraror, José Higuero, Juan Gabriel Bauzá, Juan José Carrillo, Jurga Veteike, Katrin Starostenko, Manuel Cervera, Marga Catalá, Maria Laura Carbajo, Max Cantrell, Michael Beaucage, Nanda Más, Natalia Spitale, Nuria Bosch, Pe p Molina, Szilvia Vazquez and Toni Abad.

Painting from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Visitors will be spoilt for choice when it comes to entertainment, with evening performances on three stages.

In Plaza Mayor, members of the Angela Bruno Factory will perform contemporary dance; CBM Mallorca will show off their ballroom dancing skills and there will be live music from Oscar Romero, Emboirats, Black Sea Deluge and indie-rock group, The Prussians.

At Les Escoles Velles, the entertainment begins at 19:00 with the choir from the Cultural & Musical Association, followed by Alberto Trabado, the Hot Creepers Swing & Dixie group and music by DJ Armando Fernádez.

In Plaza de San Bartomeu, Oscar Romero will be on stage at 18:40, followed by Alberto Trabado, music by DJ Armando Fernández, Jazz Tinons & the Mopis group and DJ Daltonic.

Sculpture from La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

A number of businesses collaborated to make the first edition of Art In Sal possible, including Edificaciones Gudiño 2005, Hotel Can Bonico, Hotel Honucai, Casa Manolo and Cassai Home & Fashion.

Artist painting piece for La Nit de l’Art, Ses Salines.

Art in Sal is open from 16:00-23:30, with public and private exhibitions all over town, great music and performances and much, much more.