Llucmajor fair. | TERESA AYUGA


Fiestas in Mallorca – when I first arrived here, someone told me that in Mallorca there is a fiesta to attend every day of the year. Now I know that is not is totally true, but we must admit that Mallorca loves its fiestas and we do have a lot of them. 15 official days where October 12 – Dia the Hispanidad or the Spanish national day is one of them.

After living in Spain 20 years, I still find it slightly confusing with the fiesta days as most of them are fixed on a date, but some are not, and each village have their own local fiesta each year. What is closed and opened on the fiesta days are really a mystery to me. The only thing you know for sure is that on the official days the bank and the “ayuntamientos” are closed. Years ago, there were no supermarkets open on a public fiesta now most are open till 13.00.

Living in a small village, we have our own local fiesta like everyone else on the island and ours is called “Firo de Llucmajor.” It is very traditional and this year it’s the 475th time we celebrate. The preparations start a month in advance and the whole month there are different events to enjoy like an artisan market, second-hand market, concerts and sports competitions before the festive day which is “Es Firo”, tomorrow, October 17. Today, (October 16), you can enjoy exhibitions of different types of animals like falcons, the typical Majorcan breeds dogs, village companies showcasing their businesses, art presentations of local artists, a market and even a small fair for the children.

It was suggested that I talk to a very colourful Danish artist that paints on the island, Line Bank, whom I finally got a hold of this week. Line, 63, lives a life full of colours and filled with people, adventure and travel. Growing up on the Danish Island of Funen and later raising her family in southern Jutland, Line currently lives most of the year on Majorca. Previously she and her family resided on New Zealand and on mainland Spain. Now the place she calls home is Andratx village.

I asked her what she appreciates most about the island?
Spending so much time outside, having a coffee in the square surrounded by so much life, not being wrapped up in winter clothes half the year, is what I really appreciate the most. I love being outdoors and having the possibility just to be outside all year around is the best.” About the Mallorcans she says “The amount of work the Mallorcan people put into their everyday lives and the dedication they put into spending time with their families, has taking me by surprise.”

Line continues “I’m a mother of two grown up sons, a wife and a painter, I call myself a domestic president too. My latest title is grandmother and that is so cool. I love hiking in the mountains and keep fit doing CrossFit. I enjoy a good glass of Mallorcan wine and local Tapas.”

She started painting about 13 years ago and have loved it ever since. “It has opened my mind to seeing the world in another perspective and there is so much beauty out there. I’m an intuitive painter. The colours that come out on the canvas are colourful and happy. My intention is to make the viewer wonder and to see new details in my paintings all the time and to give them joy. I talk to my paintings and have huge discussions with them along the way. Sometimes they are not showing me the best side of them, some of them are not satisfied with the hair style and I will keep changing the hair till we both agree. In the end, when I get goosebumps, I know they are finished,” she say referring to her paintings. She has her own studio and have done exhibitions here on the island and hopefully more will come.