Judith Arias & Ángel Vargas. | Julián Aguirre


Judith Arias and Ángel Vargas opened a TikTok account just ten months ago and they now have 12 million followers all over the world.

Born in the Dominican Republic, Ángel came to Mallorca when he was 4 and studied at the Virgen del Carmen school in Palma.

"I wasn't a very good student, but I was a good worker and I helped my father who’s a transporter, working as a delivery person and setting up stages," he says.

Judith Arias was born in Palma and studied Early Childhood Education, but social media networks like Instagram and TikTok caught her attention and have now become her career.

"Are there still people who think that this is not a job?" asks Judith's manager, who doesn’t want to be named.

Not everything is perfect, we work a lot of hours and there are no days off, but we love what we do,” explains Ángel.

The couple have become famous for their spontaneous, funny videos on TikTok and their followers are eagerly following Judith’s pregnancy.

"Our audience has followed us all this time and they even helped us decide on the baby's name, which will be Chloé if it’s a girl,” says Judith.

Their fans are really keen to know every little detail about the baby and the couple say they are considering broadcasting the birth.

"We are thinking about how to do it, because surely that moment should be seen by our followers around the world,” says Judith. “People stop us on the street when we go shopping and when we were leaving the gynecologist they stopped us to ask when the baby will be born.”

The couple’s dog, Duna is also causing a sensation on TikTok.

“She appears in many of our videos. We upload our entire lifestyle to TikTok and we believe being natural is the secret of our success. There’s no makeup or posing and Judith always has the camera ready to record when she comes up with a joke or something happens,” says Ángel.

The couple are also a big hit on Instagram, Ángel has 160,000 followers and Judith has around 500,000 and they have been inundated with requests to promote brand products and invited to numerous events and photo calls.

When they’re not in front of the camera, Ángel and Judith like to cook, play paddle tennis and go to the gym.