Virginia Louise walking dogs. | Ultima Hora


After 25 years of working in the Tourism Sector, Englishwoman, Virginia Louise Leblance has launched her own business in Mallorca, as a dog walker.

The idea came to her when she saw a van offering dog walking services while she was strolling through Wimbledon Common in southwest London, during a brief visit home in 2019.

"I've always had dogs in my life. I love them, I have a special connection with them and I thought there was a market here for a reliable, professional dog walking service,” she explains. “People have to go to work and leave their dogs at home and when they get home they’re tired and walking the dog for two hours is probably the last thing they want to do. When I was working in tourism I had four dogs and I wish I could have found someone I trustworthy to take them out."

Virginia Louise first came to Mallorca in the summer of 1996 to work as a tour guide.

"I spent the summers working here and the winters in Andorra,” she recalls. “In 2001 I had the opportunity to join the cruise industry in Palma, so I decided to stop travelling and make a living here. I have always felt at home in Mallorca and I knew I wanted to raise my family here.”

She launched her new dog walking business in January 2020, just weeks before the start of the Covid pandemic.

“I read that it was the worst time to start your own business in the last 100 years, but I was determined to go ahead," she says.

Virginia Louise says different breeds of dogs have different needs.

"I really can't say that one is easier than the other,” she says. “There are some dogs that need to run and swim and play and other, older ones that need a gentle walk. We adapt our services to each particular dog and we get together to decide which ones will play together best."

Virginia Louise on the beach at Es Carnatge.

Virginia Louise's new job means she spends almost every day on the beach at es Carnatge.

“They allow dogs on the beach and it is a wonderful and if I am in the north of the island I take them to Na Patana, in Can Picafort, but I'm totally flexible. If an owner wants their dog walked locally, that’s also perfect,” says Virginia Louise, who admits that the most energetic dog she looks after is one of her own.

"We recently adopted Maximus, who’s a boxer-labrador-rottweiller mix, he comes on all our walks and still wants more, his vitality is incredible.” she says.

Virginia Louise loves seeing the dogs happy, customers satisfied and she already has 40 customers on her books.

"I have met many beautiful people and dogs and I’ve made friends everywhere, which is very gratifying,” she admits.

Virginia Louise is very optimistic about the future and she’s already planning to swop her car for a van, introduce a uniform and find a property where dogs can board overnight.

"This business is not about becoming a millionaire,” she says. “I pay the bills, keep my own dogs and children fed and dressed and I'm happy with that.”