Brexit and British vistors to the island. | Reuters


Humphrey Carter in his comment piece on the 90 day ruling has it right. Since Brexit, Brits can only stay on the island 90 days in every 180 which has alarmed many home and business owners and will deter others from buying and investing in Mallorca. Given the importance of British visitors to Mallorca could not the authorities grant an exception to this rule and allow longer stays?

Another sunshine island that has done this is Barbados which grants annual stay visas to overseas visitors in return for a fee. Is this a measure that Mallorca could consider offering? Long stay visitors are highly desirable to Mallorca. They invest and spend money on the island being well able to afford wining and dining, entertainment, shopping and other expenses. Deterring these visitors will greatly damage the island's economy.

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Dr Mohsen Ebeid

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