A woman wearing a face mask walks around London. | NEIL HALL


Dear Sir,

So there we have it. In England's freedom day in the summer nearly all restrictions ended including social distancing and wearing of masks indoors. In Mallorca we missed the opportunity to do the same and continued with some including wearing of masks in indoor spaces.

What is the outcome. England carry on with no restrictions (and what a joy it was on my brief visit back to do some Christmas shopping with hardly a mask in sight) and in Mallorca there is more and more talk of even more restrictions!

So will those people who said England unlocked too early and the few remaining mask fanatics now admit they were wrong? Of course not why let the facts get in the way of a story.

Yours faithfully

S. Howells

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P.S. Re Patricia Gomez and the latest to wear masks in family gatherings at Christmas. Really is she serious. How many people do you think are going to wear masks sitting at home over the Christmas period? Sometimes one feels just like we are on a different planet.