Captain Victor Abril with his wife (me) after receiving the medal and delivering the speech. | Amanda Jeffrey

This week has definitely been full of action! On Wednesday, Victor who really should be on a cooking show, made his heavenly seafood fideuà. My parents had been hoping to enjoy it again for a while and we decided the Day of the Constitution was the perfect day to host.

Meson Son Caliu

My hubby always says that the secret of a good fideuà and paella is the broth. It’s paramount to use the prawns’ heads and peix de roca (rock fish) and not be in a hurry to let it cook in order to keep all the fluid, then adding the vegetables and letting them cook slowly are key actions for his magic in the kitchen. Doesn’t Victor’s fideuà look delightful?

Thursday 9th was a rather special day for us because it was when hon proposed four years ago. It was perfect. Victor told me recently he had been preparing for this moment for at least five months. I had no idea and knowing this makes it all even more romantic.

Friday was La Virgen del Loreto (Our Lady of Loreto), the Aviation Patron Saint, and of course it was celebrated at the Son Sant Joan Air Base. Not only does this event usually mean a lot to us because of our “proposal anniversary”, but this year my beloved husband was receiving the medal “Cross of Aeronautical Merit with White Decoration” and furthermore had the honour of delivering the speech. The colonel, José Manuel Munaiz Asenjo, with Aina Calvo (the Spanish Government Delegate of the Balearic Islands), presented the flower garland in order to commemorate the military, who passed away in the line of duty.

The cherry on the Sundae was definitely the two Super Puma helicopters and a D4 (CN 235) airplane flying majestically above us all. I have to say that if it hadn’t been for Lieutenant Irene Vidal, who kindly informed me they were just about to make their flypast featuring the three aircrafts in formation, I wouldn’t have been quick enough to take this impressive photo!

Due to my documentary “Majorca is not Magalluf”, hon and I were invited for tapas at the restaurant Flor d’Ametler (literally, almond blossom) in Colònia de Sant Jordi. I must say we had never visited it in autumn nor winter, and I was relieved to find how warm and cosy it actually was. After trying a “Mallorcan few” (un parell) of their delicious tapas, Victor and I were blown away. My husband’s favourite ones were carrillera de secreto ibérico (Iberian secret cheeks) and pasta de finas hierbas (fine herbs pasta). As for me, I absolutely loved the surprisingly original coconut and curry soup, the tuna fish tartar with avocado and the salmon puff pastry. Hon and I love the simplicity of excellent ingredients so perfectly combined. Simply lovely.

On Sunday morning the sun was shining in and out and it was really warm! Of course, I did my energizing stretching routine and got ready for meeting my cousin’s family from the UK, who have come for a week to the most beautiful island in the world. We went to Mesón Son Caliu in Palmanova. We all shared some tasty homemade croquettes, Serrano ham and chipirones (baby squid). Everyone ordered something different for their main course, except for my dad and Katherine, who both ordered the codfish. We always come here with the British family because there’s always something for everyone! They renovated it a couple of years ago and it really looks great. As a main course, Victor had rabo de toro (oxtail) and I had grilled salmon with basmati rice and Mallorcan seasonal vegetables. We had a smashing time and enjoyed catching up very much. After such a lovely meal with the best company ever, we needed a long walk to burn some calories from such a tasty meal.

Should you want to come to Mallorca in autumn or winter, I highly recommend you to walk from Palmanova to Magalluf (and back) along the coastline. It’s a beautiful promenade, which I always prefer in autumn and winter than in summer! It’s less crowded, the water is always beautifully transparent, stunningly turquoise and the pure sea breeze is pure medicine for every single cell of your body.