A person wearing a mask outdoors. | Gemma Andreu


Dear Sir,

I wrote to you last week and promised that would be my last correspondence and I am sorry to break my word, but I thought you might just be interested in what will be my final comments, as we are leaving the Island after the latest.. return of wearing masks outdoors.

We had long conversations into the night, but this was the clincher and I am sorry to say it was enough to make us leave. I had wanted to live in Mallorca since I came here in my early 20's and a few years ago my dream came true. I love the place, the people and the wonderful life style, but we are no longer going to live in what has become a Covid police state. We have done everything we were asked regarding vaccinations etc and here we are almost two years later and we are back to wearing masks outdoors together with all the other restrictions on our way of life that have been implemented in that time.

This latest move despite the fact that the majority of scientists feel that the wearing of masks outdoors is of little benefit and is more a political gesture. On top of this the latest studies are proving that Omicron is 50% less serious and death rates are not increasing. Now isn't that a surprise and exactly as predicted by some of us when this first came about.

I must also say that years ago when I first started reading the Bulletin that I thought it was an Independent paper. Your coverage of Covid has proven that to be false. As my colleague says it can be summed up as "here are today's covid figures let us have more restrictions." As Anna said pure lazy reporting and to be honest you should hold your head in shame. Never once have you done anything to get restrictions lifted. I also have to say the latest comment from you about I will always do what the Government said as one of the most chilling statements I have ever read. What no place for free thinking, querying of so called facts or holding false claims and projections to account? If that is the sort of State you want to live in no wonder we are leaving.

We leave with a heavy heart and hope that the silent majority will voice their views and get both the local media and Government to end the Police state you now live in and return the freedoms you all deserve and stop the ever increasing Government by individuals who have no interest in giving up the power they have over your lives under the pretext of dealing with Covid.

Name and address supplied

No quick home test antigen available

Dear Sir,

My contact is only to inform circumstances in Pollensa last two days, NO HOME ANTIGEN TESTS ARE AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE FROM LOCAL CHEMISTS, which yourself the Media Daily Bulletin may wish to be aware of, if not already so, as situation may/may not be same in Chemists Palma?

Basically, with one face, we are asked to test, yet no tests are available not supplied by the system, how can this incredible situation be in place? This is out of order, not good enough for persons responsible for supply of tests not preempting regards volume of supplies to be available to test.

I do not expect my letter to be published its merely, to raise root awareness to a local newspaper of a situation experienced in Pollensa, and you may find a way to raise through your media channels?

On attending local chemists as many other residents, over past days, we are both bewildered and shocked to be informed,all chemists in surrounding areas, Cala, Puerto, Alcudia, and Pollensa are OUT OF STOCK, their supplies have not been sent, indications given, there is no definite pending date when Home Testing will be available, one chemist, stated may be 2/3 weeks.

This, no doubt, may may/not have caused many cancellations to Restaurants, regards economy factor for those establishments, as citizens who expected to test themselves prior to entering the Restaurant or establishment, find themselves unable to attend, due to lack of tests available to purchase, in order, to attend their pre reservation.

Considering the society is guided, controlled, new rules, pressured, persuaded the importance to test in best interests of all, it seems deplorable and unimaginable, to think, that the so called experts, politicians, scientists, are asking people to Test, yet have not made reasonable guarantees, to ensure, that those tests are available for the public to purchase out of chemists.

In England to my knowledge if not mistaken, free Tests are forwarded to house holds, here Mallorca, as a Pensioner, I pay 50 euros a month to home test antigen 3 times per week, at 4 eurors a test or 36.90 a box of 5 tests. Even though having contributed 30 years of my working life into the National Health System, never having had to use that system todate, yet not only having to pay for the tests, more so now, it is impossible to purchase those tests, is bewildering to say the very least.

The system should be ashamed of itself not foreseeing, and or ensuring sufficient tests are available at all times for its citizens and public surely that is only good medical sense, if they are expecting, pushing public to test, yet have not provided those tests ultimately to allow people to test.

This is simply not good enough and questions should be raised.

Despite the ongoing sides between vaccinated and antivaxxers, my question should one human person have the right to tell another human person what to do with their own body? or ask to see their private medical data that normally falls under Doctor patient confidentiality same as lawyer and client privileges, again not sufficient questions are been raised regards this issue.

Overall, its seems not understood by many, vaccinated and unvaccinated people can both catch covid, be infectious and/or contagious, there is no difference, only difference, a vaccinated person may have lesser symptoms, so, surely there is a simple solution to this, as I see it, in health safety for all, the system ensures

1. Antigen home tests are provided free to all.

2. Both vaccinated and non vaccinated, test themselves 72 hours or same day prior to entering a restaurant or establishment under all or any expected controlled rules.

By doing this, ensures an uptodate data situation of ones individual health status as currently, its a case.

"Person unvaccinated without covid passports yet who has negative antigen test same day entering a restaurant, surely is less dangerous to the person who has had two vaccinations a booster, perhaps some 3,4, 5 months ago, holds covid passport, yet no antigen test, as that person could be infectious and contagious v. unvaccinated person who has that same day tested negative.

The so called experts sitting around the table deciding on new rules, regulations, control, seem to be missing this situation and real point of question.


Provide Free Antigen Tests to all as other countries, citizens are to test 72 hrs or same day entering into a restaurant, or attending family gathering whether vaccinated or not, most of all, ensure the system is responsible to have those tests available for the public, that they are pressing the importance to test, unfortunately, cannot take place, as we have all experienced in the past two days here in Pollensa, chemists do not have those tests to supply is a bizarre unacceptable situation overall.

Questions should be asked surrounding how this terrible situation has come about? or is lack of home testings at Chemists, is this to make public go to a private doctor, or Hospital pay between 30 to 75 Euros for a test? Or more so, go and get vaccinated, even vaccinated that does not mean that person is not infectious or contagious v. person who has recently had an antigen test.

Yours sincerely

Concerned citizen Pollensa

Medical apartheid

Dear Sir,

Could you please have a word with Jason Moore and Humphrey Carter to stop writing dangerous articles about those who choose not to get the experimental gene therapy vaccine.

If they have their booster taken, why do they worry about the rest of us having it or not.

Why don't they instead ponder the scenario where a controlling power uses coercion and blackmail in order to have the entire population of the planet injected with a drug that nobody knows the long term effects of.

What would happen if God forbid the unfit for purpose vaccines started to kill off the entire population of the planet in 2 or 3 years? Surely it's not a wise idea to inject 100% of a population with an experimental gene therapy fake vaccine.

Also, why aren't they writing about the vaccines not being fit for purpose, why weren't we told we would need a booster every 3 to 4 months when the immune system crashes after the initial dose.

Why aren't they finding the conspiracy theorists that predicted this would happen and interview them about it?

Merry Christmas.

Jason Donegan