Delicate almond blossom. | Rachel Fox


I love it that people think that the Sollerweb team are ‘super human’. We are asked questions every day to which there is no answer – yet. Sollerweb exists to be an information source to visitors and, as far as possible, to Soller Valley residents. This tends to break up into many winter months of local issues, for residents and home owners here, and then it’s the turn of the visitor.

We supply information on all aspects of discovering our glorious place in the universe. We also operate the Events Calendar to give as much up to date info as possible. As you can imagine this is a very busy task, dependent on being able to trace and find the most up to date facts.

So far so good but in Covid times the events and rules change regularly and events and fiestas are cancelled with short notice. Then, you know what, it’s my fault… ‘But you said’ is the phrase I hate to hear. ‘Yes, I did say’ but that was before the Town Hall or Central Government changed the rules.

However I am completely sympathetic to the frustration people feel. If you are making plans for Firo on May 11 this means flights, hotel bookings, taking time off work. Yes, I fully understand that but there is nothing I can do to give you the assurance you want. Sollerweb are very clever, they can’t work any harder, but they do not control these decisions. I am very hopeful that this will be the year which will settle this down and then plans can be made again.

But in the meantime, sorry guys, but this is another year you will have to take us as you find us. Everyone wants all events, concerts and fiestas to go ahead. The musicians practise, spend their money on posters and issue invitations galore. They still don’t know if something will happen to cancel the event. As long as you arrive with a ‘what will be, will be’ attitude I can guarantee you the best holiday.

Beautiful sunset.

The sun is here, the beaches are glorious, the restaurants are excited to welcome you and the shops are full of new ideas and stock. Every event which is allowed will happen and we will celebrate every single one of them with you. An old cliché in Mallorca was that ‘every tourist is a friend’. I am now officially updating that to ‘every tourist is my very best friend’. I will raise a glass with you and send all my best wishes for your glorious holiday.

Fixing, replacing and mending

In the meantime an army of workers are out and about fixing, replacing and mending. Scaffolding going up and coming down on blocks being repaired and painted. The walkways are coming in for special attention along the beach walks, old, promised works are coming into their time.

A day in the port.

New shops open tentatively as the tourists are not here yet. We are still in the time of no train, tram or museums open. Lots of trippers from all over the island though, doing a bit of a blossom run and then ending in Soller or the Port for lunch.

FITUR exhibition

Some of our Tourism politicians are in Madrid right now at the FITUR exhibition. They are selling the Soller Valley as a ‘must visit’ destination. The President of the Hotels Association for the Balearics is a Puerto Soller hotelier herself. This all helps the story being told about the importance of the Soller Valley to Balearic Tourism. The stats on the interest to our area are magnificent.

Smoky night.

Sollerweb can be very proud of their part in all this. We are one of the windows on our world to English speakers and have been for over ten years now.
Everyone I know in the tourism world of Mallorca is working equally hard as us to enable holiday dreams to come true.

We have all waited two abnormal years to get to this stage and now we are waiting for the fun to begin. We want everyone to leave their troubles at their departing airport and come and get ‘your Mallorca on’. We are so looking forward to your return to the island and the smiles on your faces.