People demonstration against the Russian agression against the Ukraine in Bern. | MARCEL BIERI

Dear Sir,

I write this in total disillusionment and assume that you will not publish it anyway but I feel the need for someone to speak out.

In Ukraine our friends, neighbours and innocent people are being attacked with missiles, aircraft, tanks etc and civilian targets are now being hit.


In the Spanish papers (yours included) I see reports of how this unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation may be good for our tourism!!! Are you mentally sick?

Make no mistake this invasion is not good for anyone except Putin.

He is laughing at the EU and the USA, sabre rattling fools who can't even agree to ban Russia from SWIFT, let alone make any serious effort to help and protect our European neighbours.

The reason is clear. Like you and Spain with its tourism, other EU countries have their own agenda, mostly monetary or gas related and you all appear to value this above human lives.

I'm am outraged and disgusted by the self serving interests of European governments, it is appalling and akin to the period pre WWII.

Personally, I would rather sit at home in a coat than buy gas, coal or anything else from Putins regime. You are a disgrace to the human race and if you think Putin will stop here, you are sadly deluded.

Putin has already issued veiled threats to anyone helping Ukraine and clearly the EU and our allies are scared.

So when Russian ballistic or hypersonic missiles are landing in Madrid, London, Brussels as they surely will if NATO tries to protect one of the Baltic states maybe then you will stop wittering on about tourism and actually do something useful.

As usual it will be too little too late and everyone will be crying but it wont be about tourism!

Sincerely an ashamed European citizen