Etiqueta 'Ukraine crisis'
Spanish chef opens restaurant in Valencia to feed Ukrainian refugees


Spanish chef prepares beachside paella for Ukrainian refugees

The restaurant has become a meeting place for Ukrainians to trade stories and seek help with paperwork.

Reuters30/03/2022 14:55

People fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine arrive at Siret border crossing

People fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine arrive at Siret border crossing

Refugees gather around a van offering transport after fleeing from Ukraine to Romania, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, at the border crossing in Siret, Romania.


Ukrainian refugees in Poland


“Away from the life that they have known and loved”

There are 75 places available at the government’s two refugee hostels, if the Spanish government takes in refugees from Ukraine.

Andrew Ede02/03/2022 14:19

A woman walks past a destroyed military vehicle in Bucha


Comment: Ukraine

“There is concern of a major rise in the price of fuel which will hit the industry”

Jason Moore02/03/2022 10:20

'We will fight, even if Europe doesn't help us,' Ukrainian refugee says


Refugees flee across EU borders as Ukrainian fighting intensifies

Refugees fleeing Russia's invasion of Ukraine continued to pour across its western borders on Saturday, with around 100,000 reaching Poland.

DAREK DELMANOWICZ26/02/2022 12:37

'We are here': Ukrainian President Zelenskiy on the streets of Kyiv


Ukrainian president vows to fight on in Kyiv

"We will not put down weapons, we will defend our state," Zelenskiy said.

Pavel Polityuk26/02/2022 10:48

Ukraine protest in Palma

Ukraine protest in Palma

Ukraine protest in Palma.

Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter 25/02/2022

A view shows destroyed Russian Army multiple rocket launchers in Kharkiv


Ukraine: the missed chances

Donald Trelford's views on Russia's invasion of Ukraine - Plus, British spies.

Donald Trelford25/02/2022 12:28

Protest in Bern against Russia invasion Ukraine

Letters to the editor

Ukraine invasion. Open letter

A reader speaks out about the reports about "unprovoked attack on a sovereign nation may be good for our tourism!"

M. R. White25/02/2022 12:05