Signs of Spring | Rachel Fox


Ukraine and the awfulness is never far from our minds or our actions. From collecting boxes in Soller Town to donations still being gathered for those Ukrainians arriving in Mallorca to seek refuge.

What we are seeing here is being repeated all over Spain. There are some who will sleep tonight without the sound of bombs in the heads and hearts. To welcome groups of women and children is complex on many levels.

After the first rush of finding a place to eat and sleep settling the children is next. Sorting schools and as normal a life as is possible for the children is a priority. There is a lot of work going on in the Civil Service right now to sort all this out.

The Anglican Church in Palma is offering a meditative Labyrinth on Friday March 11, 2022 from 11 am to 7 pm. A donation for Ukraine and then walk ‘The Path of Peace Labyrinth’.

The council shows its support for the Ukraine.

One way in and out

Labyrinths are springing up everywhere these days, in likely places besides churches Cathedrals in parks and gardens and unlikely places such as the middle of a business district, nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, even prisons.

Labyrinths are to be found on every inhabited continent. They are mathematical patterns designed to silently reveal deep spiritual and theological truths. The labyrinth is an archetype, a divine imprint found in religious traditions in various forms around the world. It is a pathway of prayer. Labyrinths are definitely not “New Age” they are ancient spiritual tools, neither are they Mazes. There is only one way into the centre and out again from the centre.


On Saturday in Soller the set designers and technicians were busy creating the sort of stage and sound system more often seen at Glastonbury. The first live music moment in months and nothing was going to be left to chance. We had a Tardeo with three live music groups and people out to have a good time. It started at 6 pm and went on till 10. This allowed family gatherings and meet ups of old friends. The visitors newly arrived in Town couldn’t believe they had just rolled in to the first party in Town for months.

Then on Sunday we celebrated a new ‘Meat’ Fiesta. Soller loves its meat and all the products of the pig. Sobresada is made here and there is fierce competition between the families who produce it. The Market was given over to Fiesta and it was all pronounced a great success.

Teaching us a lesson...

Now what of the future this week – what can we say. When we were planning to open up tourism and concentrate on making progress, along comes an old fashioned war. One that will see people killed and gas and electricity prices hit the roof for us all. The Universe is teaching us a lesson somewhere along the way. We can take heart from the kindness being shown to sufferers and the fact that we can hug our own loved ones. Unfortunately this is not much help if you are stuck in bomb shelter in Kiev.

Every day we are being given new information on how to help. So many brilliant people in Mallorca doing everything they can. We are all proud of being part of such a giving community. Long may this spirit last as the scale of all this is currently beyond comprehension.

The Ukrainian church appeal for donations

The nuts and bolt of Soller

Canaries are occupying many in Soller right now. There is a tradition of Canary breeding and Soller often wins European competitions. The idea of switching off the madness and concentrating on 300 canaries is the lot for one Solleric. He is on course to become a Canary competition judge and he is very proud.

I must admit, so am I, because whether you breed canaries, play the bagpipes in the Town Band or dress up in folk costumes and dance in the Square this is part of the nuts and bolt of our life! We all have to live our very best life alongside the madness.