April starts dramatically. | Rachel Fox


We have all lived through two unusual years. As we emerge into the Spring of 2022 we are in a quite different place. Whatever the Covid world was has metamorphosed into is a very challenging alternative. While we were keeping germs at bay, world economies faltered, as money was needed to help the communities who were locked down. The virus took much longer than anyone could have envisaged and the support had to continue. So, in simplistic terms the world is in a financial mess. As life gets back to semblance of normal the virus is still contagious and affects hundreds of people every week. They may not need hospitalisations, thanks to the vaccine programme, but they are not well enough to go to work. So the world’s coffers continue to be depleted and will take a very long time to get back to profit and progress.The latest plagues upon our world are war and an out of control increase in the cost of living. While we were all hibernating the gremlins came out of the cupboard and caused the havoc we see now.

Picnic in the mountains

Threading back our lives

In the Soller world we may be an ‘Island within an Island’ but every one of those worries are part of our lives. When we hibernated our world became small and manageable. There were no visitors, tourists or normal life on this island. We look back on that hibernation and know that some aspects were moments to be treasured. The beauty and the sun did not leave us. For months the island was returned to those who happened to live here at the time. Once we were allowed out of the door it was a wonderful experience.

Hibernation has ended and we are back to work and trying to thread back our lives. They will simply never be the same again and so new realities and decisions are being made. This is from those who are acquiring yachts for the first time, because prices have come down, to those deciding if acquiring a corner shop is really worth it. The business decisions in Soller are happening every day and it takes a particular kind of skill to navigate the waters.
Many people are no longer interested in working for a boss. They are looking at all the alternatives the ‘work from home’ period produced. Bit Coin traders and the like are popping up all over the place. In Soller there is huge emphasis on new ‘take away’ businesses. These together with crafts and hobbies are a feature of 2022. It is as if having once experienced lockdown some are preparing for its return at various times in the future. Who knows what a virus has in store for us all?

Oranges and lemons, on the same tree

The new world

New arrivals in Soller are dominated by those with enough money to obtain the Golden Ticket. They come into the category the Government has invited to invest their wealth here in return for an ease of the residency requirements. The availability of this club has made many move here earlier than they would have done. Why not, if the Government make their path so easy?

Innovators and people born for this moment, are all here present in Soller. Sometimes we hear of very fanciful ideas that would have been dismissed in the past. The new world order is making people braver to embrace the unknown. Their safe little world was found wanting in a pandemic and now they say, ‘bring it on’. Time for a challenge, no guarantees and lets aim high. I would say that my ‘out of hibernation’ conversations have been inspiring. This is all tough on those who just want life to return to as it was two years ago. I am afraid that ship has well and truly sailed…