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Tardeo is a new concept of leisure time

Tardeo is a new concept of leisure time

Tardeo is a new concept of leisure time, where you meet up with your friends in the period after lunchtime and before dusk.


Easter in Puerto Soller


Easter is a great time to visit us here in the Soller Valley

“What will the visitors of this year find in Soller and the Port that is different to last year?”

Shirley Roberts31/03/2023 14:17

News from Deya


Humans of Mallorca and the ‘dark side’

Scams, criminality and opportunism exist in Mallorca just like anywhere else in the world.

Shirley Roberts08/04/2022 12:41

April starts dramatically


The days of hibernation are over

This week in Soller Valley we look upon the last two unusual years we have all been through and what happens now.

Shirley Roberts05/04/2022 13:46

A slightly cooler Soller

Spotlight on Soller

Time to move on in our reality

The tourism door is banging on its hinges and new arrivals are bright and in your face. This should all make for a very interesting few months.

Shirley Roberts18/08/2020 00:10

General view of Soller

General view of Soller

The desire for a large supermarket in Soller has gone on for years...

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