Toby Clarke set out from Palma Cathedral more than two weeks ago with the goal of walking around the island, alone, and without support. “How are you? And WHERE are you?” I ask him when we meet each other over a video call, “I’ve just arrived in Alcudia, and in a couple of days I will set off along the GR221,” he replies. That means the mountains of the Tramuntana which will present their challenges but are nothing compared to walking through the “endless urbanisations” in the South East of the island he tells me. “I walked for 22 kilometres without touching the earth, it was very hard on my feet. I didn’t get to see any nature until I reached that fort, Cap Rocat.”

Toby is no stranger to the Balearics or to walking. He lives in Ibiza and runs with his wife Belinda. “I was born in Ibiza and I lived there until I was ten. I had a really hippy childhood, but going back to the UK was a big culture shock for me. But life went on and before I knew it I was on the treadmill. I had the executive job, the cars, the house with all the trimmings, and I was driving 400 miles a day on the “wonderful” English motorways. Then I met my beautiful wife Belinda and became a stepdad and my outlook began to change. One day I came home and just announced that I wanted to leave the UK and all Belinda said was, “Finally! I’ve been waiting for you,” So we went on a trip around the world, before we decided on where we wanted to live, we loved Argentina, but decided to try back moving to Ibiza and so that’s where we are.”

So why walk around Mallorca? “People like walking around things don’t they? I think islands were made for that purpose. I have already walked around Ibiza and Menorca, and I have had my eye on this challenge for a few years.”

What do you think of the island so far? “The first ten days were hard. I can't deny it, I walked through a lot of built up resorts and then I came across Cala Marmols and was blown away by it. Mallorca has some amazing parts and I am really enjoying it. I have found the wild parts now, Cala Mesquida was incredible as well. Ibiza doesn’t have any proper mountains so I am very excited to go into the Tramuntana.”

And just to add another difficulty level, Toby has taken another step, to go vegan during the walk. “I didn’t realise how difficult it would be, there are a lot of people who still don’t understand what vegan means. But I am feeling good, and very energised now. It’s not easy to find food that is vegan in those little tourist supermarkets on the East coast, but I’m hopeful I will have more luck now.”

Will you walk with anyone else? “Actually, no. Originally I had told some friends and clients that I’d be up for them joining me, but I changed my mind and got in touch with them and said I’d prefer to do it on my own. I think we all need time for a reset, to be alone and be without phones and stress and work. And this is my time. I am blessed that my wife and the team at our business can get on with things without me. I can get up every morning and my only purpose is to walk, it is very liberating.I feel more connected to nature, but more importantly with myself and my surroundings. I feel refreshed and excited by it, and I hope that I can inspire other people to get out and walk more as well.”

You can follow Toby’s progress on his Instagram, @walkingibiza