Jon Chambers in action racing for Great Britain. | J. Chambers/H. Carter


Jon Chambers has finally settled down in Palma having emerged safely from a career, or rather two, of hard knocks as a professional cyclist and motorcyclist.
Born and raised in Leeds, with an equally daredevil father, Jon is a unique individual.

He moved from England and settled in Spain several years ago and is now living in Mallorca to pursue his love of cycling.
Jon started racing BMX bikes at the age of six, and forty years later he is still racing despite terrible injuries sustained whilst cycling and motorcycling.

He has dedicated his entire life, time and commitment to his passion, which has at times been gruelling, learning to deal with many challenges and disappointments, highs and lows, but at the same time laughter and joy. He has now set up a Business Charity Foundation ‘Cycling Sport Lifestyle’ with the mission statement being Cycle for Mallorca, Pedalling for Preservation and he has just broken the one million benchmark of followers on Instagram, never mind his following on all other social media platforms.

And cycling is still very much part of Jon’s life, despite a string of accidents and having nearly lost a leg.
“My trouble was that I loved speed, I was too fast and I paid the price on both the bikes and the motorbikes. But eventually after Superbike racing and all that I guess I fell out of love with motorbikes and got back on the bike again and ended up racing for a host of teams all over northern Europe before I ended up in southern Spain. I’m still competing today and, in fact, it’s cycling that has led to my new venture here in Mallorca,” Jon said.

Electric bike hire
Jon has set up a high-end electric bike rental service which works with the top hotels, restaurants and the superyacht industry. It’s like a premier Uber bicycle hire service and through the business platform Cycling Sport Lifestyle, Jon has created the Cycling Sport Lifestyle charity donations programme, ‘Cycle for Mallorca: Pedalling for Preservation’ with all funds generated by the business going to the Mallorca Preservation Fund.

“All the businesses in Mallorca, one way or another, benefit from the huge amount of tourism the island attracts every year.
It’s our belief all businesses should try to put something back into the preservation of Mallorca so generations can enjoy the wonderful island and which will also maintain the tourist industry for decades in the future. And we are also going to set up a new Mallorca cycling team.

“I’m really excited about the Cycling Sport Lifestyle Cycling Team and the exposure we hope to achieve by competing in Mallorca UCI races and also in Europe. CSL’s team will consist of Mallorca-based riders ranging from younger categories through to Masters, with the more experienced riders on board to help the youngsters develop.

Mallorca has everything
“The main focus and goals will be on hard work, commitment and the right support to progress through to the professional levels of UCI racing. All of the riders will be expected to engage with sponsors, donors and businesses on a weekly basis. Like I said, it’s all about giving something back and playing an active role in preserving Mallorca while also enhancing its global profile.

“I’ve trained all over the world and Spain, but why do you think the best cycling teams in the world - be they clubs, amateur or professional - come to Mallorca to train? It’s because it’s so varied, it’s exciting. I’ve trained in the Canary Islands, for example. It’s boring. It’s the same road day after day.

“But here in Mallorca, there’s never a dull day on the bike. You’ve got the flats, the great mountain rides. This island has got everything a cyclist could dream of. And now so many of the hotels are getting on board with workshops, guides and all that, it’s a boom industry. It’s through cycling that my business project came together and has taken off.

“Out on the bike training every week, I started coming across all these cafés, bars and restaurants catering for cyclists and I thought it would a great opportunity to bring all these little businesses which are catering for the cycling sector together on one social media platform to help boost their profile as well as what Mallorca has to offer.

“And it’s taken off. By joining Cycling Sport Lifestyle Charity and supporting the Mallorca Preservation Fund, individuals and businesses not only contribute to a worthy cause but also gain valuable exposure. They engage with their target audience and promote their brand as socially responsible.
“I strongly believe that together we can make a lasting impact on preserving the natural beauty of Mallorca and ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come,” Jon explained.

After having made it to international BMX youth level, Jon then moved on to national and international events which took him into his teens. But having a father who was a professional motorcycle racer, as was his brother, motorbikes were always in the family.

Win, win opportunity
“So I started combining racing bicycles with motorbikes and I sort of progressed into motorbike racing. Again, I went all the way through the ranks, got to British Superbike level. But to be honest, I was never any good really. I was too aggressive, I had some horrific accidents. We had our ups and downs, but my dad used to tell me that was what racing was all about and that you had to embrace the downs as much as the ups and I guess that advice has always stayed with me. And eventually, after various business ventures, I got back into cycling at the ripe old age of 33 and did really well, won some decent races and that is what eventually brought me to Mallorca. I’m pleased that cycling has enabled me to create something positive for the sport and the island.

Our programme offers various donation tiers to accommodate different levels of participation. Individuals and businesses can contribute to the cause and become a part of our community by paying very little, it’s up to them. Donors can choose the tier that aligns with their budget and desired level of engagement and once we’ve covered all costs, everything that is left over goes to the Mallorca Preservation Fund. It’s a win, win opportunity as far as I am concerned,” Jon said.

Furthermore, coffee is very much the fuel which keeps cyclists going and Jon is also involved with his coffee business called Rand Coffee Roastery which he is bringing to Mallorca. They roast all the coffee beans in house from all over the world and Mr. Rand, his business partner, is a bit of coffee roasting mogul in the UK. And next week, The British Barber in Palma, with the support of Cycling Sport Lifestyle, will be offering its services to the less fortunate and privileged.

“We will be offering our services, which include full hair and beard makeover and Cycling Sport Lifestyle will be offering the famous and exclusive Rand Coffee and sweet treats to the everyone who attends,” Jon said.
“This is a small gesture to try to help and think about the less fortunate and privileged, especially at this time of year,” he added.
“It’s all about giving something back.”

Quick fire round
What’s your favourite meal or dish?
Mum’s Sunday roast-Christmas lunch , no contest.

What was your childhood career dream?
Racing for the BMX Skyway factory team in USA.

What’ s the first ling you do when you get up in the morning?
Drink water and coffee, core workout.

If you didn’t live in Mallorca, where would you live?

What was the last film you watched and your favourite?
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

What was the best career advice you ever received?
From my dad RIP. Do what you are good at and enjoy it.

What are you afraid of, if anything?
Losing! Something bad happening to my family.

What’s your favourite music?
Many but probably dance for getting into the zone.

What’s your favourite drink/cocktail?
Yorkshire brewery Timothy Taylors hand-pulled real ale called Landlord, nothing in comparison anywhere in the world.

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