There could be more German tourists out of season than usual. | Teresa Ayuga


Travel agencies in Germany are wanting the German government to approve travel vouchers worth 500 euros to be used by the country's pensioners so that they can escape the cold German winter and spend time in warmer climes, such as Mallorca.

The request to the government has been prompted by the rising energy costs. By travelling to warmer places, there will be big savings on heating bills. As the cost of energy has further increased since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the scheme is being referred to as 'anti-Putin trips'.

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The German government has yet to make any sort of announcement, but the proposal may well benefit from the fact that the president of a travel agencies association, Marija Linnhof, was made a member of the German Tourism Council in April.

If this scheme were to go ahead, Mallorca could expect to be a beneficiary, especially given the close ties between Germany and the island. Mallorca would derive some economic benefit, although how much would depend on the number of visitors and factors such as the type of hotel board.