Air fares have risen sharply this month. | STEPHANE MAHE

Air tickets have become 45% more expensive this July compared to the same month in 2021 due to the increase in fuel prices, inflation and higher demand for travel, according to data from

In August, tickets will rise by an additional 13% compared to the average recorded in July, while in September and October, at the end of the summer season, they will fall by 27.5%.

Despite the rise in air fares, Spaniards have not lost their desire to travel as bookings made during 2022 on for travel in July have almost tripled compared to the same period in 2021.

London, Barcelona, Palma, Madrid and Rome are the cities that have generated the most demand this month, with the Madrid-Rome, Barcelona-Palma and Malaga-London routes being some of the busiest.

Regarding flight cancellations, between June and July, has recorded an airline cancellation rate of 2.79%, up from 1.08% in April and May.

So far, cancellations for the autumn, in October and November, are significantly lower at 0.83%.
In terms of stays, the average is three days (84%) and, according to, a clear increase in the booking window for Spanish travel this July can be identified.

With respect to the few days in advance to book in the pandemic, this margin has been growing over the months and now 39% of bookings for July have been made between three weeks and two months in advance.