Spain in the firing line. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


A mounting number of celebrities have taken to social media, the media and TV to express their fury over Spain’s requirements for British tourists entering the country this summer.

Television personality Gillian McKeith says “there must be better places to go” than Spain after a raft of new rules were announced for UK tourists travelling to the country post-Brexit. Additional requirements include evidence of a return flight or onward ticket and proof of accommodation.

Alongside the above, holidaymakers will also have to prove that they have £85 to spend per day of their stay. The move has sparked criticism, including from nutritionist McKeith, who declared Spain “not worth the hassle” in a tweet reacting to the news.

She tweeted: “Spain is not worth the hassle. There must be better places to go...Brits must prove they can spend £85 a day to enter Spain. And you need an onward ticket and accommodation booked for your stay..”

TV presenter Carole Malone reacted to the travel rule being implemented by the Spanish government and claimed “this to me is just bloody-mindedness”.

Malone said: “If you want to go to Spain you have to prove that you’ve got £85 a day per person to spend when you go on holiday.

“Some security will actually ask you to count your money out.
“This to me is just bloody-mindedness from Spain!
“That’s ridiculous because a lot of people don’t have money when they go on holiday.

I don’t have money when I go on holiday.
“I have a Revolut card or something.”

This is not the kind of image Spain needs right now and it could damage the Balearics if it continues.