Some Britons say that they intend taking more holidays in 2023. | Teresa Ayuga


The intention may not be as high as it was in 2019, when 70% of Britons said that they planned to take a foreign holiday over the next twelve months, but 61% now say that they will be holidaying overseas in 2023; this despite all the rising costs.

This a finding from the latest Holiday Habits study by the travel association ABTA, who have been holding their annual convention in Marrakech. In terms of reduced spending, holidays (35%) are below eating out, leisure activities and clothes. Taking fewer holidays is the main way of reducing holiday spending (36%).

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Costs may have gone up, but 31% say that they will be spending more on holidays over the next twelve months. The increased cost of holidays is one reason for this (30%), but 37% say that it will be because they plan to go on more holidays.

As to staycations, these are planned by 57%. In 2019 the figure was 56%.

association's Holiday Habits 2022 report highlights that 61% of respondents say they will travel abroad in 2023 and will not give up a holiday despite mounting pressures on family finances. You can download the report at the following link: HOLIDAY HABITS 2022 However, it is found that consumer confidence has not yet returned to the levels of 2019, when seven out of ten citizens planned an international trip.