The strike was due to have started on Friday. | Efe

The strike by Ryanair handling personnel, which was due to have begun on October 28 and last until January 8, has been called off.

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Twenty-two Spanish airports would have been affected by a strike that will not now go ahead because of minimum services' demands. The USO union says that the ministry of transport's minimum services "have made it impossible for workers to carry out the strike".

The union adds that the minimum services are "abusive and clearly detrimental to the exercise of the right to strike, making it absolutely unfeasible". While it has called off the strike, the union has announced that it will challenge the minimum services on the grounds of "violation of fundamental rights". It has attacked the ministry's "totally regrettable action, which seems to be more interested in protecting the interests of companies that violate the rights of workers than in respecting the fundamental right of workers to strike".