Don't leave it too late to book a Mallorca holiday for next summer. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The World Travel Market opens in London next week and top of the agenda is going to the cost of travel next year.

Costs are going up faster than incomes; energy prices in particular have soared; the pound is weak. In the meantime, airlines and travel companies are still trying to recover financially from the pandemic.
They do not have much capacity to absorb price rises pressures.

In short, all the indicators suggest that travel will be more expensive and more uncertain in 2023 so the best advise is to start booking now.

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Traditionally, the key booking month is January, once everyone has recovered from the Christmas and New Year hangover, but the main tour operators are already offering 2023 holidays at discount prices and with a host of incentives - some are even selling holidays for 2024.

There are two factors which destinations like the Balearics need to take into account, this year is being hailed as a boom year but one has to remember than many holiday makers were finally taking holidays booked on the eve of Covid.

The other is that airlines are operating on fuel bought last year before Russia invaded Ukraine and the world became gripped by the energy crisis and rising fuel prices. For those airlines having to purchase their fuel this year, at premium rates, some of the extra cost is going to have to be passed on to the consumer.

Market resorts have already indicated that there has been a surge in interest in all-inclusive holidays because tourists, in particular families, can manage their budgets better,
So, it may be wise to start investigating your Mallorcan holiday now.