Ben enjoyed a cheap day trip to Mallorca and a full English breakfast. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Ever since British resident in Mallorca Ben Matthew Saunders, hit the headlines in newspapers, on TV and social media platforms across the UK and the world in February after posting a TikTok about flying to Mallorca for the day and enjoying a full English breakfast for just 30 pounds - a number of other people have followed suit.

A few weeks ago, a group of mothers travelled to Ibiza for a 12 hour long holiday after snapping up return flights for just £34 - and got back in time for the school run and then Callum Ryan took to TikTok to share his journey, as he said he “set himself a challenge” to fly overseas to Spain and sit down for a drink in a bar without breaking his cheap budget.

Callum, 22, went to his local supermarket and spotted a crate of 12 cans of Estrella for £15, and was determined to complete his mission without exceeding the price in store.
He managed to find a last-minute flight that cost him just £10 from London to Ibiza and then lunch and a pint in Ibiza cam in at just under his 15 pound target.

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Ben told the Bulletin “I had been in the UK for a few weeks and was due to fly back from Manchester, so I decided to think of some content and produce a TikTok. And with everyone struggling under the weight of the cost-of-living crisis and trying to pay the bills while hunting for cheap holiday deals, I decided to think out of the box and highlight a day trip to Mallorca.

“Google had just produced a report claiming that the average cost of a good full English breakfast is 12.50 pounds, which I had my doubts about, so I thought right - can I beat that by flying to Mallorca for breakfast?

“Ok, I slightly went over budget. I spent £4 for the train from Preston to Manchester Airport and £12 for a return flight on the same day. So the total came in at £30.45, which still beats the price of breakfast in some fine-dining establishments - plus I got the added joy of an adventure.”