Of the foreign tourism markets, the UK rose 20% in June compared with 2022.


According to ferry operators, car-hire firms and restaurants, Spanish tourism in Mallorca and the Balearics has fallen this summer compared with pre-pandemic 2019. The reason, they all suggest, is higher prices.

The president of Baleària, Adolfo Utor, has pointed out that 2021 and 2022 were exceptional years for national tourism. But this year, he says, there has been a progressive decrease.

The president of the Aevab association of car-hire firms, Ramón Reus, reckons that Spanish tourism, compared with 2019, has declined by 15%. "It's being attributed to increased prices for hotels and flights." Alfonso Robledo of the CAEB Restaurants Association also estimates a 15% drop and for the same reasons: "Being an expensive destination attracts new markets, but it also negatively affects others."

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These sectors acknowledge that it will be necessary to see how the Spanish market evolves in August. And in this regard, it will be necessary to wait for the figures for tourist movement. The fact is that in June this year (the most recent month for which there are figures), Spanish tourism in the Balearics was 427,000. This was getting on for nine per cent lower than in 2022, but it was way up on June 2019, when there were 338,000 Spanish tourists.

Between January and June, Spanish tourism rose (compared with 2022) by almost 13%; there were increases for every month except June.

It could well of course be that family tourism in the high summer months has taken a knock, but as with all tourism markets it is necessary to find out what the official figures say.