British and German tourism is recovering after a dip in 2022. | Miquel À. Cañellas

There is more evidence that Mallorca and the Balearics can expect a record tourism season.

On Monday, there was a presentation of the latest tourism recovery report at the Palma offices of the PIMEM federation of small and medium-sized business associations. These reports draw on data from bookings platforms and tourism analysts - Hotelbeds, Roiback, Dingus and Fideltour - and the latest indicates that levels of hotel reservations are well above 2022, with forecasts for June to September better than had been expected.

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The coordinator of the study, the CEO of Palma-based Processing Smart, Luis Sánchez, said that the Balearic tourism sector is evolving in "an ascending way" against forecasts of a fall in reservations that were made towards the end of 2022. Those forecasts were because of the increase in the cost of living. Sánchez stressed that the evolution "is positive because the increase in prices is not affecting reservations".

Data from Hotelbeds showed that overnight stays currently booked for 2023 are up by 22% compared with 2022, while prices have increased by 10%. This price increase, it was noted, is higher than in the Canaries (six per cent) but below a 12% in Greece. Roiback, which has a portfolio of almost 2,000 hotels in various countries, reported that bookings are at present 27% higher than last year.

* In 2022, the total tourist number for the Balearics was 16,475,579, which was just 397 lower than in pre-pandemic 2019. The record year is 2018 - 16,583,654. A percentage rise of 0.66% from 2022 would match 2018.