The battle for sunbeds has being fought on cruise ships. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


Last summer hotel sunbed wars hit the headlines with hotels in Mallorca having to take matters into their own hands to install some law and order around swimming pools with holiday makers adopting new tactics to try and skirt the hotel rules and regulations.

In Camp de Mar, Mallorca, some hotels were reportedly keeping their pools closed until later in the morning to ward off early risers.

But, cunning guests quickly found a way around this rule - by placing their towels on the floor at the entrance to the pool.
Photos supplied by hotel guests to the Mirror showed beach bags and towels placed in an orderly queue leading to the closed pool so hotel guests can secure their sunbed as soon as it opens.

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And now it appears that the battle is being fought on the high seas, on cruise ships and the cruise lines are fighting back.

For example, Carnival Cruise Line has a strict rule to help combat 'chair hogs' and discourage the move, especially on sea days. Crew members have started to place stickers on unattended loungers. If after 40 minutes they return and the sunlounger is still completely unused, the passenger's items will be removed and placed in the towel hut, reports The Express.

John Heald, Carnival Cruise Line ambassador, said: "If they are not back by that time, we will remove it. It's the only way we can make it fair. Ever since I've worked on cruise ships, there've been people desperate to get the chairs. We are doing our very best. It's not a perfect system, it would be silly of me to suggest otherwise. But it is something that we need to do."

And other cruise lines have adopted similar measures.