The British Ambassador is determined to reach a solution and soon. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, has made resolving the UK driving licence debacle top of his agenda and he has made it clear that he wanted a deal struck by the end of July, the end of this week.

However, despite the British government having played its part and is reviewing the documentation submitted by the Spanish, but even if it works for the British, it is then again going to be in the hands of the Spanish to green light it and if they do not do so this week, talks could be postponed until September when Spain returns from its summer holidays.

The British embassy has said that it has a team prepared to negotiate through August, but are the Spanish willing to do the same or head off to the beach?

The British Ambassador to Spain, Hugh Elliott, has spent months trying to reach a solution and is well aware of the frustration the problem is causing thousands of British residents but it appears that Spanish have their hands on the brake and are playing things by the EU rule book.

In his latest update last Friday, Elliott said: "We know there are lots of questions and concerns about the ongoing negotiations on driving licence exchange. We’ve rounded up the most common questions you’re sending in to provide you with more information, as well as an update on what’s happened this week.
We also know that all you want is to be back on the roads - and we want this too. We hope the below is helpful in providing transparency and understanding around the process.

When are we going to be able to drive again?

We don’t know for sure because it is a live negotiation, but the UK’s ambition is to reach a deal as soon as possible. We genuinely are making progress each week. For example, this week we have agreed the main text, which means there are only the annexes outstanding. We recognise it has been frustratingly slow though.

That said, it does appear that both sides are nearing a deal which would give British residents another period of six months to exchange their licence for a Spanish one.