British residents waiting to be able to drive again can take a Spanish driving test. | Majorca Daily Bulletin reporter


As thousands of British residents in Spain sweat out the hot summer waiting for some concrete news on what Spain intends to do about British driving licences which are currently not valid, many are having to consider taking a Spanish driving test which is going to very daunting for those of a certain age and with language limitations. Not to mention rather harsh considering Spanish residents in the UK are able to drive without any problems.

Spain is one of the ten most expensive countries the world to get a driving licence, only slightly cheaper than the UK. New research reveals that Norway is the most expensive country to learn to drive in.

Compare the Market has researched the costs of taking both your practical and theory tests around the world to see how the fees stack up.

Norway emerged as the most expensive country to learn to drive in, with combined costs of up to $202 USD to take both theory and practical tests.
The Netherlands was revealed as the country with the most expensive practical test, with it costing the equivalent of $133 USD.

A new study from Compare the Market has revealed the costs of taking both driving theory and practical tests around the world, to see how the fees of learning to drive stack up.